Reddit Has Some Mixed Feelings About Trader Joe's Dill Pickle Hard Seltzer

Spiked seltzers have been dominating the alcohol market since 2018, when leading hard seltzer brand White Claw infiltrated the social media space. By 2019, YouTube personality and comedian Trevor Wallace's catchphrase, "ain't no laws when you're drinking claws," caught fire and young people across the nation were picking up cases of White Claw en masse (per Insider). In addition to other leading spiked seltzer brands like Truly and Bon & Viv, even non-alcoholic beverage companies have launched their own iterations to keep up with the trend — we see you, Topo Chico.

Like most grocery stores, Trader Joe's offers an array of spiked seltzers. The grocery chain is known for selling food and beverage staples with an eccentric flair. Staying true to form, TJ's stocks their booze aisle with dill pickle hard seltzers. Made in-house by the chain itself, the seltzer is gluten-free with an ABV of 5% (per Reddit). However, pickles are one of those foods that people either love or hate — though everyone can appreciate how pickles got their name. So naturally, Trader Joe's enthusiasts on Reddit are torn on whether the seltzer is worth the buy.

Some consumers say it's lacking a proper dill kick

In a Reddit thread, one user posted a photo of the pickle seltzer asking others for their personal reviews. Naturally, it prompted some lively debate. Even the original poster's review was mixed, as their rating was measured by two categories. They commented: "10/10 as a hard seltzer, 2/10 as a dill pickle seltzer." Another person who appears to be a pickle fanatic, per their username, asked, "Do you think it would be better with a shot of pickle juice added?" to which someone replied, "Probably. Most things are."

Those who enjoyed the bizarre alcoholic beverage said that despite its lack of dill, it was still crisp and refreshing. Those who didn't like it, however, left cheeky comments like, "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should." Next time you're feeling adventurous at Trader Joe's, you may want to grab a pack of this controversial dill pickle hard seltzer and let your taste buds do the deciding.