Reddit Roasted A Dunkin' Customer For Breaking The Most Basic Rule

There are a lot of irritating behaviors baristas wish customers would abandon. But it should go without saying that customers, no matter how loyal they are, should never overstep boundaries — both figuratively and literally. In other words, it's important to always remain in the waiting or dining areas and out of the BOH (back of house) — where food preparation, storage, and administrative tasks take place, per WebstaurantStore. Otherwise, there are a number of safety risks for patrons and staff members alike.

Recently, one rather bold Dunkin' customer took to the DunkinDonuts subreddit to explain why they were banned. "I'm a daily customer, I ordered Egg and Cheese. They gave me sausage, egg & cheese. Told the guy I ordered Egg & Cheese. He took it in the back and he was manually removing sausage from the sandwich. The door was open to the kitchen. So I entered the kitchen to get attention and was telling the guy to remake the sandwich instead of him manually removing the sausage," they explained. "The girl in the front made a big deal about how I entered the kitchen and told I can't return to the store. I didn't know it was such a big deal about entering the kitchen, I'm a daily customer, thought I had a good rapport with guy, so I thought I could just go and tell him." Responses to this sob story were less than supportive.

Don't enter the kitchen of any food establishment unless invited

No sympathy with your breakfast sandwich, pal. One Redditor responded to the OP, "Oh honey, there's no way you're a grown adult. You went into the kitchen of a restaurant to yell at a poor underpaid worker? And you think you're in the right?" They continued, "Should they have completely remade your item? Sure. But don't be mad that they kicked you out of the store for breaking that clear line of customer and employee by going into the kitchen. You don't get to walk into a sanitary space just cause y'all buddies. That's not how that works."

Another user chimed in, "'Daily customer' does not mean anything, at all. Imagine if you're at work and a frequent customer/client comes in while you're prepping/working on something. Not cool." Another person wrote, "You are lucky they didn't call the cops. Then you have the audacity to talk like you did nothing wrong. Mind blowing."

No matter what, patrons should steer clear of the sections in which only employees are allowed. For one, there are likely sharp, potentially hazardous tools and objects in the kitchen that can cause serious injury. Other major reasons why unauthorized entrants are forbidden include the increased likelihood of contamination, trips and falls, and other liabilities, per Chron.