Taco Bell Is Testing Three New 'Mexican-Inspired' Iced Coffee Flavors

Taco Bell tends to be a punching bag for a lot of people. Often, the complaint is the same as one Reddit user makes, which is that the chain doesn't serve authentic Mexican cuisine. In fact, Taco Bell's launch in Mexico flopped and while this failure was difficult, the chain has survived and thrived to the point that Food Business News reports it's actually carrying its parent brand, Yum!, to success.

However, being successful is not the same as being good and Taco Bell has managed some spectacular failures in its history. It attempted a waffle taco, according to Thrillist, and if the idea of that fantastic flavor doesn't set your stomach to churning, it also tried to make seafood salad, so says the Bell's wiki. One would think after such experiments fizzled that the "Live Más!" chain would focus more heavily on what works, but it looks like Taco Bell is at it again, this time with iced coffee.

There are some reasons to never drink coffee from Taco Bell, but it seems the chain is trying to squash them. Forbes reports that even the senior vice president of brand marketing and consumer insights for the restaurant admitted that coffee wasn't really the chain's strongest point. Yet, it's stepping back to the plate to take a few more swings at selling java. This time with some iced coffee flavors meant to capture the spirit of old Mexico.

You can try the iced coffees in Fresno and Philly

Mexico doesn't get a lot of praise for its coffee. Drink Trade says this is partly because the flavors of Mexican coffee often resemble those of Brazilian coffee, except the Brazilian gets much more acclaim. For those who aren't sure what to expect from a Mexican coffee, the same article notes that chocolate sweetness and nuttiness are the standard flavors apparent in a cup of south-of-the-border Joe. The question is whether these new iced flavors will stick true to that legacy, or branch out.

Brand Eating reports that Taco Bell is testing three flavors: Dulce de Leche, Mexican Chocolate Mocha, and Sweet Vanilla. These are only available in Philadelphia, PA and Fresno, CA. The good news is that Chocolate Mocha sounds like it would have a chocolate taste, which might be close to Mexican coffee in flavor.

Though these iced coffees might not stay true to Mexican roots, that would largely be on point with a brand that has to call its "tacos" by the name "tacostadas" when it sells them south of the Rio Grande (via Chicago Tribune). It remains to be seen whether they'll catch on with the breakfast crowd, or be a footnote in history, but either way, they have a sweet jolt of caffeine. So, should you hate them, you'll be wide awake while you do so.