Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Divided On Its Returning Thanksgiving-Inspired Burrito

Every fall, the internet floods with savvy shoppers sharing their Trader Joe's fall favorites, from butternut squash mac n cheese and pumpkin ravioli to spiced cider and cinnamon bun spread. You know, the cold weather classics. However, not all of Trader Joe's fall foods are as widely celebrated. Its Thanksgiving-inspired burrito, for example, recently started a squabble on Instagram when shoppers couldn't agree on whether or not the burrito is a good product.

According to the Trader Joe's website, this burrito brings together the flavors of roasted turkey, sweet potato, and cranberry salsa, as well as the usual burrito ingredients. Needless to say, not everyone is going to be on board with a mix of cranberry and chile peppers, and that's okay. We guess this just goes to show how much authentic burritos vary from the American version. As you might expect, Instagram had a lot to say about the burrito, from the highest praise to accounts of ruffled feathers and disgruntled taste buds. 

Instagram isn't sold on Trader Joe's Thanksgiving burrito

Trader Joe's shoppers got a bit riled up after Instagram account Trader Joe's List shared news about the chain's returning Roasted Turkey and Sweet Potato Burrito. Per the post's caption, these burritos are a great option for people who aren't fond of Thanksgiving quesadillas. However, it would seem that a vast majority of Instagram users disagree with that logic.

Many people said that they "love Trader Joe's and always will," but are less than thrilled with the ingredients — particularly the 750 mg of sodium per serving. It goes without saying that you don't want to eat too much salt. A few other shoppers said the burrito was, at best, "ok" and "pretty flavorless." One person stood apart from the crowd, calling the burrito "one of my favorite Trader Joe's items I've ever bought," and saying they keep going back to buy another.

Many other Instagram users said they didn't like the burrito, some claiming that "it did not taste like Thanksgiving." Another person wrote, "Not as bad as the quesadilla but still pretty gross." Countless others begged for the return of the Thanksgiving wrap, for which you can find a copycat recipe at Project Meal Plan.