Twitter Is Cracking Up At A Chipotle's 'Side Tortilla' Reward

Chipotle is one of the many fast-food eateries to offer a loyalty program to its customers. According to its website, members of the rewards program earn 10 points for every $1 spent, free chips and guac upon signing up, and extra perks on their birthday. Depending on the amount of points you earn, you'll be able to cash in for free tacos, burritos, and side items.

But Chipotle's rewards program underwent a change in October. Though it's still the best way to score free Chipotle, the price of a free entrée has increased from 1,400 to 1,625 points, per Business Insider. "To account for the additional cost of our real ingredients, we've marginally increased point values for menu items in the Chipotle Rewards Exchange," a Chipotle spokesperson told the outlet. This comes after a rise in menu prices in August.

Either way, loyal fans are still cashing in their points for all their favorites, though one side in particular has Twitter cracking up.

The tortilla used to be free

Upon discovering a random side item on the Chipotle Rewards App, one Twitter user posted a photo with the caption, "Cashing in all my Chipotle Points for the perfect reward." The item in question was a side tortilla that can be redeemed for 85 points. The bottom of the photo showed their point total, in which they could use to redeem 2,746 side tortillas if they chose to. 

Of course, social media users found this hilarious. "Nobody can say you aren't well off. You are set for life," one comment read. "If you opened up a competing Tortilla Bell store I'd give it my business," another joked. Another Twitter user wrote, "What more could someone want than 2746 free side tortillas?"

Two years ago, however, these side tortillas in question were free. Per Business Insider, Chipotle began charging 25 cents for them in October of 2020. These tortillas used to be a guest favorite, as they would order a bowl and a free tortilla to pack it with more ingredients than if they just ordered a taco. Perhaps those who want a free tortilla can enlist the help of OP and their 2,746 redeemable tortillas.