Papa John's Jack-O'-Lantern Pizza Is Back

While Pizza Hut can claim no one can out pizza it and Little Caesar's is home to the Hot-N-Ready deal, Papa John's seems to imagine itself as the reinventor of the pizza. As other pizza places may serve you the average disc-shaped pizza in the same greasy way, Papa John's likes to see just how far it can take its pizza to bold and incredible heights, be it deconstructing a pizza down to its basic elements with its new Papa Bowls (via TODAY) or celebrating the holidays in a very Papa-esque way.

You may remember, way back in 2019, that Papa John's offered those who were home for the holidays a simple and convenient solution to their Christmas dinner problem: an entire Christmas dinner dumped on top of a Papa John's pizza. According to Delish, this United Kingdom-based Festive Feast pizza included a base made of red wine and gravy, meatballs made from Christmas turkey, and seasonal vegetables, alongside side orders of pigs in a blanket and miniature fruit pies. A cheesy Christmas treat that no doubt would make a very memorable dinner, good or bad.

Of course, Christmas isn't the only holiday that Papa John's celebrates. With Halloween right around the corner, it's time for the company to bring back its limited-time Jack-o'-lantern Pizza to feed all of those handing out candy or hosting a party on Halloween night.

Papa John's Jack-o'-lantern Pizza shaped like a pumpkin

Now, if you were thinking the Halloween pizza will follow the tradition of the Festive Feast pizza and be some sort of unholy fusion of Halloween candy and Italian-American cuisine (perhaps a pizza topped with M&Ms and a gummy worm-stuffed crust?), we're happy to say that you shouldn't be too scared of the Jack-o'-lantern Pizza.

According to Chew Boom, Papa John's Jack-o'-lantern Pizza is a large thin-crust pizza shaped like a classic Halloween pumpkin, outlined in pepperoni slices and adorned with a traditional grinning face made of pepperoni and olives. The pizza comes unsliced to better show off the design, meaning that you and your guests can decide how the pumpkin should be carved. Aside from its unique shape, however, the Jack-o'-lantern Pizza is pretty much your standard thin-crust pepperoni pizza from Papa John's. For a price tag of around $11, it may be a good treat to get for a Halloween party should you like Papa John's. Be warned that this pizza is only available from October 24 to October 31, so if you want to try it, you'd better get your hands on it soon.

This isn't the first time Papa John's has released a uniquely shaped pizza to celebrate a certain event. Back in August, Papa John's announced its new Football Pizza which, according to Business Wire, was a football-shaped pizza covered in pepperoni with mozzarella grips.