The Vegan Nuggets That Are Dividing Reddit

Imagine dating someone who is vegan and trying out everything vegan. Are you willing to try vegan cheese or is it a no for you? Well, Reddit is definitely having tons of fun as a recent post stated: "Date night with my newly vegan bf: trying out and ranking all the nuggs." "Nuggs" refers to nuggets, and yes, in 2022 there are many surprising vegan creations.

Veganism is different from a plant-based diet, or even a vegetarian diet. According to, vegan people exclude meat and seafood products, and also everything that can come from animals, like dairy, eggs, and honey. For years, this seemed like a hard lifestyle to maintain, but nowadays, you can find vegan restaurants in almost every state, vegan versions of famous recipes, and store-bought products like nuggets.

Reddit reviewed three different nugget brands, which mostly consisted of a plant-based protein, like tofu, covered with a type of crumbly texture. These are normally fried, put in the oven, or an air fryer to get a crispy and golden texture. The picture showed Gardein seven-grain crispy tenders, made with oats and quinoa (via Gardein); Morning Star Farms Chik'n Nuggets, made with 100% plant protein (via Morning Star Farms); and crispy jack nuggets from Jack & Annie's, that include jackfruit in the recipe (via Jack & Annie's). Before releasing who was named the best "nuggs," Reddit had some thoughts.

Reddit adores these vegan nuggs that taste almost like real chicken nuggets

Reddit's review of vegan nuggets came with a variety of opinions. One person said that after trying a lot of brands, the Gardein one was the best, and added: "Pretty damn near the real thing! Gave some to a friend one time and they couldn't tell the difference." And others agreed, saying, "The seven grain tendies are the absolute best."

However, there were dissenting opinions, noting: "I don't like the texture of the Gardein, they always felt and tasted like a stick of tofu breaded." Instead, that person preferred Jack & Annie's nuggets. Others also agreed that Jack & Annie's was the superior choice of vegan nuggets, but of course, it wasn't the top choice for everyone.

In the end, the original poster said that, "Gardein won, obviously," but that the boyfriend actually loves the Morning Star ones, "even when he still ate meat." While Morning Star didn't receive as many supportive comments on the thread, it looks like it won over the poster's boyfriend. Of course, there are several other choices out there, include Impossible nuggets, which are sold in animal shapes (via VegNews).