What The Diwali Soan Papdi Memes Really Mean

Diwali, a Hindu holiday celebrating the victory of light over darkness, officially kicked off on Monday, October 24 (per Spectrum News NY1). Appropriately called the Festival of Lights, the holiday is celebrated by stringing lights throughout the city and placing lit lamps along the streets. The holiday lasts for five consecutive days, and just like American holidays, food is at its forefront (especially sweets). One treat that's often consumed is soan papdi. According to Awesome Cuisine, soan papdi has a flaky, powdery texture with a sweet flavor. It's commonly made of flour and sugar, and decorated with pistachios and almonds.

There's really only one sticking point when it comes to soan papdi; similar to the candy corn debate, those who love it are obsessed with it while those who hate it want to see it burn. According to Google statistics reported by The Print, it's the least searched Mithai (Indian sweet) and it's the least favorite Diwali gift to receive. Luckily, with great hatred comes great fun, which is why the internet is having quite the time roasting the popular treat.

It's gifted and re-gifted often

Oftentimes, sweets are given as gifts to loved ones during Diwali. According to Gift a Love, these gifts are a way to wish the receiver success and wellbeing, almost like saying, "I'm praying for you." Though the sentiment is great no matter what gift you receive, soan papdi isn't near as beloved as other Mithai options. Per NDTV Food, it's a common present due to its low price point and long shelf life. Hilariously though, Twitter has been ripe with jokes regarding the flaky treat.

One Tweet read, "If soan papdi was a WhatsApp text," accompanied by a photo that says, "Forwarded many times." This is probably due to how often the sweet is re-gifted. Another Twitter user wrote, "Maybe I'm soan papdi because nobody wants me." Even Netflix India got in on the action, writing, "One day you're going to meet someone who appreciates you for who you are. There's seven billion people on this planet and I know one of them is going to climb up on a moon for you. You're brilliant," ending with, "Us to soan papdi." 

Though you can also find Twitter users who express their love for the food, everyone that celebrates Diwali is likely having a laugh over the memes. And if you don't like the treat, perhaps you can try chivada instead.