What Are Fondant Potatoes?

Tired of preparing the same sides for every dinner? We feel you. Thinking of another healthy side for an entrée can be exhausting. We always end up preparing the classics, which is actually not a bad thing. Macaroni and cornbread is always a tasty side for barbecue, and a Caprese or antipasto salad is a simple option for any meal. But, have you ever thought of using the very same ingredients, but preparing them differently? With versatile and easy-to-find ingredients, that's possible: Just look at potatoes.

Potatoes are rich in potassium, Vitamin C and minerals, and if consumed in moderation, they are perfect for a balanced diet (via Healthline). Its adaptability makes it a great option for our kitchen for all the tasty possibilities. Of course, there are traditional and evergreen dishes like mashed potatoes, but this starchy ingredient can be transformed into an easy side quickly, by grating them, making hash browns, or slicing them thinly. But, if you really want to surprise your guests without extra effort, we have a tip: Cut your potatoes in tube form (via Kitchen Sanctuary).

French-style fondant potatoes are shaped like barrels

The "fondant" in fondant potatoes has nothing to do with the classic cake decorating material. This is actually a very savory and buttery dish that works great as a side. Savor The Best explains that in French cuisine, fondant means "melting." The potatoes are roasted and oven-braised while the butter melts with the potatoes, resulting in a creamy interior with a crusty exterior. Most recipes include butter (a staple that you probably already have in your kitchen), garlic, and fresh herbs like thyme.

It all starts with peeling the potatoes, and cutting them in a barrel or cylinder shape (per Kitchen Sanctuary). The tip is to make them look like they are scallops. Then, this is browned in oil, and finally, roasted with butter and stock. Once each tube is evenly brown, and the butter melts along with thyme, you need to add broth and white wine and get these into the oven. You know they will be ready once they look crusty and golden. Serve these potatoes along with steak, a veggie salad, salmon, or let them be the at the center of your table, and it may just become your new favorite side.