Restoration Hardware's Restaurants Are Designed To Sell More Than Food

Restoration Hardware came to life in 1979, when founder Stephen Gordon realized how difficult it was to find affordable hardware that doesn't lack in quality (per Home Stratosphere). The store was first operated out of his house in California, then out of a 300-sq.-ft. space, and now out of 100 locations spread throughout the United States. Today, the business focuses on furniture instead of hardware, which has definitely been going well for it; in 2019, Restoration Hardware had $2.6 billion in sales (per Forbes).

Now simply known as RH, the company has expanded in the most unexpected of ways. According to Forbes, it has its own line of branded hotels called RH Guesthouses, it's taking a dive into the housing market, and some of its showrooms now feature restaurants, bars, and other amenities. Though a home furnishing store turned eatery may have not been on your Bingo card for the year, it seems to work, especially for one sneaky reason.

The decorations are eye catching

Recently, a reporter from The New York Times enjoyed a meal inside the dining room of a RH Guesthouse. After being seated, the server spoke more about the surroundings than she did about the food offerings. Apparently, the chairs and fixtures were custom creations, and the fireplace floor was carved from stone. The room itself was constructed from Italian travertine and white oak, and all in all, the space took seven years to fashion. 

Due to RH's simple beginnings as a hardware-turned-furniture store, it wouldn't make sense for the dining room to be anything less. There's nothing random about this, either. Most of the 15 restaurants are in close proximity to stores, so after customers dine and take in the views, they can walk next door and purchase décor for themselves. This way, it's a win for everyone — especially RH as they grow larger and larger.

If you're popping in for the food instead of the views, RH has you well covered. According to the RH website, its New York restaurant serves high-end eats such as grilled maitake mushroom, ribeye, and grilled avocado and caviar for the table. Reservations for any of the restaurants can be made online.