Cutwater's Newest 'Heaters' Will Make Holiday Drinks Toasty And Warm

We all know the holidays are fast approaching and for much of the US, that means some welcome change of weather. While states like Texas are still experiencing hotter-than-normal fall temperatures, the slight dropping in temperatures is helping to make it feel at least a little more festive (per Houston Public Media). Of course, no holiday season is complete without comforting holiday drinks. 

For many people, a pumpkin spice latte or peppermint mocha is immediately top of mind when thinking of festive drinks. For those in the 21+ crowd, a holiday drink may look more like spiked eggnog or a boozy punch. Live Science notes that sipping alcohol can help your body feel warmer, and if you really want to feel cozy, why not try a warm alcoholic beverage?

There are several hot cocktails that'll keep you toasty all winter. If you're hosting a holiday get-together, likely, one cocktail isn't going to satisfy all the guests. You can spend the time and money to make various hot drinks for each person, but who wants to spend their entire party acting as the bartender? If you're making hot cocktails, it can be a struggle to keep all of the drinks warm and ready at the same time. Cutwater Spirits have solved this problem with the release of their new mixers.

Just add water

According to Cutwater Spirits, the company is releasing a new line of mixers that are designed to be consumed hot. The best part is that these pre-made drinks only require the addition of hot water to be turned into cocktails. The new line, dubbed Cutwater Heaters, is launching with three flavors: Whiskey Hot Toddy, Vodka Apple Pie, and Hot Buttered Rum. Each 375 ml bottle costs $13.99 and has a 40% ABV, ensuring these cocktails pack a strong punch. Each bottle contains eight servings, making it a great choice for holiday get-togethers.

Cutwater's hot toddy combines bourbon with vanilla and honey, which mimics a traditional hot toddy drink. Add a lemon slice and a cinnamon stick to your glass for the full hot toddy experience. For those who'd like to drink a cold pre-made cocktail, Cutwater has plenty of options, including rum, vodka, and tequila cocktails. For those living in a perpetually warm climate, Cutwater also offers frozen margarita popsicles and a variety pack of cocktail popsicles.

The new line of drinks will be available for purchase in California, Massachusetts, and Colorado. Interested buyers can also visit online options via SipWhiskey and ReupLiquor