Martha Stewart Basically Just Said She'd Date Pete Davidson

There are a lot of things people could ask Martha Stewart, who is not only a wealthy media mogul and former model but seems extremely comfortable answering personal questions on public television. Stewart divorced in 1990, per People magazine, and has never remarried. But questions have surfaced in recent months regarding her relationship status.

This summer, Stewart complained about her dating challenges and explained how hard it is when all the men she meets are married to friends (per HuffPost), and how (as she remarked in a classic kidding-not-kidding moment), she sometimes wishes one of her friends "would just die" so she could date her husband. Stewart's famous friendship with Snoop Dogg has occasioned some speculation, but the duo seems to be happy remaining in the friend zone (via Martha Stewart).

But now, Pete Davidson? The famous "Saturday Night Live" star and King of Staten Island has been linked to a number of famous celebrities, from Kim Kardashian to Kate Beckinsdale to Ariana Grande. Page Six sized him up as someone who "clearly has a preference for famous women no matter their age." Davidson and Stewart have known each other for several years, having first appeared together on Comedy Central's Justin Bieber Roast. Lately, they have gotten to know each other better and were photographed holding hands (via Stylecaster). Stewart's recent appearance on "The Drew Barrymore Show" further fed the flames.

Interpreting Stewart's green flags

While speaking with Drew Barrymore, Martha Stewart played a game where she raised a red, yellow, or green flag to show objection, hesitancy, or approval with respect to a dating scenario. The first question focused on Pete Davidson (via YouTube). Asked how she'd feel about dating a man with as many tattoos as Davidson, Stewart held up a green flag (for "Yes, I would!"). Barrymore probed with follow-up questions. "What if your date IS Pete Davidson?" prompted another quick green flag. Stewart noted that Pete "is kind of cute" and "he is a good guy" – seeming to give Barrymore the green light on the subject. But when Barrymore pressed further, pointing out that a lot of people would like to see the two of them together and that age is "not a thing" for Davidson, Stewart ended the conversation by likening him to a "long lost son."

In a separate interview with The Daily Mail, Stewart referred to Davidson as "the son I never had" and called him a "charming boy" who is "finding his way." So even though she has indicated that she would date him, it sounds like there's no romance in the cards for these two. But Stewart did say they have some kind of future together, "I've invited him to come on my podcast and I look forward to hearing what he has to say." Fans who have been shipping a Stewart-Davidson alliance will have to settle for that.