GBBO's Sandro Energizes Instagram With A Rallying Message

Reality shows don't often foster the warm fuzzies. In fact, usually, the more competition on the show, the more hostile the environment. But most reality shows aren't "The Great British Bake Off." We're talking about a show where, instead of throwing the bird and screaming about how they weren't here to make friends when they're told their time on the show has come to an end, contestants instead write adorable handwritten letters usually filled with how lucky they were to get to know their castmates, proving that "GBBO" truly is as wholesome as its reputation implies.

Bringing you those positive vibes offscreen this season is Angola-born Sandro. After fleeing the Angolan war as a young child, Sandro relocated to East London. Young Sandro struggled in school, but ultimately found his calling in adulthood helping autistic and neurodivergent children and adults through the power of baking. Sandro started his therapeutic baking program through a Crowdfunder in 2020 and received additional help and mentorship through a program called Social Ark that aims to guide East London youth into socially beneficial career paths. In 2020, Sandro, whose full name is Nelsandro Farmhouse, received an award from Social Ark for the outstanding work he's achieved with his Sandro Online therapeutic baking programming, which he hopes to expand into in-person classes and workshops that will provide jobs for adults with complex needs following the pandemic.

Motivational baker

Sandro, the resident hunk of "The Great British Bake Off" Season 13, recently took to Instagram to share an uplifting message with fans. The post features a short video of the baker dancing that says "Don't give up on your dreams." He starts off by sharing "[a] small reminder to not give up and keep going," saying "dreams do come true, you just have to put the work in." Then he admits to his own self-doubt in the "GBBO" application process, saying "[b]efore actually applying to get in the tent, I had chickened myself out so many times" before he "finally grew the courage and [...] applied, [...] and didn't get in, I won't lie this hit me hard." Would our boy give up? No way. Sandro says he reapplied the very next season. Finally, he finishes by inspiring readers not to give up on their own dreams: "timing is everything. So, go for it. Whatever 'IT' is just go for it, don't give up and stay focused on that dream." Awe, thanks, Sandro.

The post is part of a Positive Sundays series on Sandro's Instagram. This post in particular inspired one commenter to submit their book concept to a publisher and another to reapply for the next season of "GBBO" after facing a rejection, just like Sandro did. The post garnered more than 5,000 likes and much love, including a message about how it bolstered the confidence of a fellow British reality star appearing on Channel 4's "Make Me Prime Minister." Maybe Sandro is destined for a future as a motivational speaker — or, shall we say, motivational baker.