Reddit Is Calling This Uncooked Chick-Fil-A Chicken Cursed

In 2019, an Arizona woman reached out to TODAY after Burger King responded carelessly to a serious complaint. Allegedly, her granddaughter became sick after biting into an essentially raw piece of poultry in a chicken sandwich. Because her food was taken to go, Charlotte Parker gave the restaurant a ring, but she was highly disappointed with the employees' reaction. "They were very nonchalant about it. [They said] 'Oh we must have hit the wrong button and didn't cook it long enough,'" Parker said. The burger joint then offered a refund, which was the least of the concerned grandmother's worries.

Luckily, the child didn't contract salmonella from the food, but that doesn't take away from the scare of the close call. Per the Centers for Disease Control and Protection, salmonella has the potential to cause infection in the brain, blood, bones, joints, and urine. Less serious symptoms are gastrointestinal issues and stomach cramps. If it becomes serious enough, though, it can lead to death.

Last week, a Redditor got their hands on some raw Chick-fil-A, but unlike the aforementioned situation, it didn't seem to be serious. Probably all in good fun, Reddit users left comments laughing about the obscure pieces of chicken.

It was (probably) not consumed

Reddit user recently shared a tray of raw Chick-fil-A nuggets and sandwich patties to the r/ChickFilAWorkers subreddit, jokingly captioning the post, "New menu lineup?" Users in the comments were both repulsed and curious, with one asking "How tf do you get that board?" Since the meal was (presumably) not served for consumption, it's likely the employee put it together themself for the laughs. Comments from disgusted Redditors included, "I just threw up," and "Jesus, that's scary." One person went as far as calling the photo a "cursed image." Jokes poured in as well, such as "When you want to serve sushi but you're a chicken joint," and "Secret menu item for Karens."

Unfortunately, another Reddit thread shared a time in which Chick-fil-A food was undercooked. "Would rather have overcooked chicken and be safe than undercooked chicken and feel like death and cover the bathroom in puke the next day," one user posted to the r/ChickFilA subreddit. They also shared a time they had a fever the day after consuming nuggets from the eatery.

Though it shouldn't be something we have to do, stories like these just prove that it's never a bad idea to check your food before eating it.