Cat Cora's Touching Statement Supporting The Jewish Community

The past few weeks have seen a renewed conversation around the Jewish community and the fight against antisemitic rhetoric. According to Britannica, antisemitism is defined as "hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious or racial group." Much discussion has resulted from recent controversial comments made by global superstar Kanye West.

It all began during a sit-down interview Kanye did with Fox News host Tucker Carlson. During their discussion, West hurled many claims toward Jews that were deemed by most as antisemitic. The focus of the ire stemmed from statements West made that were edited out of the televised version of the interview (via Vice). After the backslash, West appeared on numerous shows to double down on his statements. Most notably, West appeared on the "Drunk Champs" podcast, where he asserted that he can't be an antisemite because he shares "the blood of Christ," which, West reasons, makes him a Jew as well (via Rolling Stone).

In the following days, several companies opted to sever ties with the rapper, including Adidas and Gap. Additionally, West's talent agency, CAA, dropped him as a client (via CNBC), just as many athletes are parting ways with Donda Sports Agency. In light of all the recent kerfuffle, many users on social media have been sharing their support for the Jewish community and denouncing hate speech of any kind. American chef and TV personality Cat Cora is one of these many people.

Cat Cora takes a stand

When celebrity chef Cat Cora caught wind of all the controversy surrounding hateful attacks on the Jewish community, she made her stance clear. Like many social media users, Cora shared a photo containing a straightforward statement on the issue: "I stand in solidarity with my Jewish friends, neighbors, family, and the Jewish people." Notably, Cora's tweet also went a step further, making sure to highlight her very personal connection to the issue. 

In her tweet, she wrote, "I am a mother of six Jewish boys, and have always loved and respected those of the Jewish faith. I stand proudly with the Jewish community. These are scary times, be brave and use your voice to spread peace and love. Words of hate and acts of violence are not welcome here." She also shared the message on her Instagram and received copious praise for speaking out. As of this writing, her post, which matched what she shared on Twitter, received nearly 2,000 likes and over 50 comments. The majority of comments expressed gratitude simply by saying, "Thank you." 

Her words were timely, especially given the slew of antisemitic flyers spread throughout northern Los Angeles just days before her tweet. Over the weekend, many social media users shared their shock and dismay at an antisemitic banner hung over the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles (via KTLA).

Mashed does not support violence or condone hate speech toward any group of people.