Macallan's Just Released A New Scotch That Celebrates Ethiopian Coffee

The first thing to understand is that scotch is a whisky that is made in Scotland, and whisky is a variation of whiskey that is brewed in specific parts of the world (via Oak And Eden). The next thing to know is that while all of these whiskey varieties appear to be brown liquors when they sit on the shelves, they don't start out that way.

According to Typsy, before whiskey is put into barrels, it is actually a clear fluid. It is only once the whiskey has fully undergone the aging process that it develops its flavoring and accompanying amber coloration. When it is still clear, the whiskey is ready to absorb any number of tastes, which is why every different brand has a slightly different flavor and hits the palate in a slightly different way.

Though there is some nuance and variation among different whiskeys, whiskys, and scotches, there was a time when all types of whiskey really only had one basic flavor: whiskey. These days, every liquor under the sun has a few flavor options. There are loads of taste-infused vodkas, though it might take some hunting to find a flavored vodka that isn't gross. 

In the whisky world, Fireball has made a name for itself as a flavor for those who can't get enough cinnamon. But, if you're sick of the heat and want a taste that blends more easily with your morning cup of joe, Macallan's has you covered.

Ethiopian coffee scotch will come in two varieties for different types of drinkers

In celebration of Ethiopian coffee, The Macallan recently announced that the company will soon release a pair of new scotches as part of its Harmony Collection, which celebrates flavors and foods from around the world. These will have the flavor of Ethiopian coffee, chocolate, raisins, blackberries, vanilla, and cherries, among many others. The scotch will come in both "intense" and "smooth" varieties for those who like to drink hard, and those who like to drink easy. These will both have hints of coffee flavor, and pair well with coffee, should anyone be seeking to Irish up their mug of mud.

Coffee roaster Lisa Lawson is one of the primary minds behind these new flavors, and she worked tirelessly to get the flavors just right. "To create the coffee-inspired second edition of The Harmony Collection, I sought out intense notes in the Macallan's traditional sherry-seasoned European oak casks that would offer the rich and satisfying elements of coffee," said Lawson (via PR Newswire), "with the influence of sherry seasoned American oak casks adding sweeter and softer vanilla notes for a balanced and rounded experience."

The final result promises to be a delicious choice for those who want a wide, worldly, and more biting flavor in their scotch.