Twitter Is In Tears Over GBBO's Jürgen's Wholesome New Gig

Former "The Great British Baking Show" star Jürgen Krauss has been up to quite a bit since being eliminated from the 2021 season of the show in the semi-finals, an elimination that shocked both contestants and viewers alike. Despite telling The Guardian he "had to make three calls to families with crying kids to comfort them" and that his social media exploded with fans who stated "they just couldn't stop crying," he felt "happy with the outcome," insisting that just being on the show was a "once-in-a-lifetime experience."

Since departing the competition, Krauss has returned home with his wife, Sophia; their son, Benjamin; and the family pet rabbit, Humphrey (via Reality TitBit). One of Krauss' passions that he shares with Benjamin is playing the trombone. In fact, the elder Krauss even participates in a community band in his area called the Sussex Jazz Orchestra. Despite frequent practice, Krauss says he is still getting used to playing. "I try to get my head around jazz, but I still feel like a beginner after six years. But it's getting there. I have the guts to stand up and improvise," he told Vulture in an interview.

But it's Krauss' latest musical endeavor that has Twitter awwing over its wholesome nature, one that certifies his status as a "GBBO" favorite.

Jürgen Krauss played the trombone with a band

According to NME, Jürgen Krauss, a fan-favorite contestant from "The Great British Baking Show" Series 12, played his trombone on stage at a London performance with pop band Japanese Breakfast on October 25. For most self-professed amateurs, that would probably be a pretty eventful night in and of itself. However, Kraus' night didn't quite end there.

In fact, according to reports from those present, Krauss also baked for the band. This led the band's lead singer, @Jbrekkie, to tweet pictures of Krauss with the group and thank him for his contributions. The post was accompanied by an effusively kindhearted caption: "Jürgen from 'Great British Bake Off' played trombone with us in London. 😭 He also made us matcha white chocolate shortbread!!!!" Krauss similarly took to Instagram to express his appreciation for being included in the set, writing, "Beyond my wildest dreams — I had a great time yesterday! ... What a treat!"

Back over on Twitter, fans are having near meltdowns over Krauss playing with the band. "Can confirm Jürgen slammed it on the trombone," tweeted @allieoldfield. Similarly, @scateshop chimed in, "This is too cute to be real. Are you kidding me?" Unsurprisingly, these two responses were far from the only replies from fans happy to see that Krauss is living his best life. "Jürgen is an absolute gem," wrote @delecto_stan and @hhamblin17 shared, "I'm gonna cry. Look at him!!!"