Pizza Is Ordered More On Halloween Than The Super Bowl, According To Grubhub

We are just days away from the spookiest night of the year. With Halloween quickly approaching, everyone is scrambling to figure out their plans. Whether you are staying in to watch scary movies all night with your cat, or going to a party dressed as your favorite superhero with all your friends, there are several options on how to create your perfect Halloween night.

Some of us focus on dinner as the most important factor on this hauntingly fun holiday. We all love creepy food for Halloween to keep everything on brand. But nothing is easier than ordering takeout for dinner. It's easy, it's quick, and it leaves extra time to prepare that perfect costume you've been planning for weeks. If you're thinking of picking up your phone and placing an order somewhere on Halloween, you're not the only one. GrubHub recently released data highlighting what foods are ordered the most on Halloween for dinner and the results may be pretty surprising (per FoodBeast).

All the pizza on All Hallows Eve

According to GrubHub, pizza is the most ordered dinner on Halloween night. So much so that it actually supersedes how much pizza gets eaten during Super Bowl Sunday. People ordering pizza increased by almost 40% on Halloween compared to the annual average (via FoodBeast). The results of GrubHub's data is surprising since pizza is a staple for the big game. But when we actually think about it, many of us have childhood Halloween memories that include sitting down at the table in our costumes, shoving cheese pizza in our faces, and going trick or treating. Now that we're adults, pizza is a great go-to food if you're throwing a big costume party and even better for a cozy night in.

Other popular Halloween dinners according to GrubHub include burrito bowls (second), cheese burgers (third), pad Thai (fourth), and miso soup (fifth), according to FoodBeast — all things that are filling comfort foods and get you ready for a long night ahead. But clearly, nothing hits better than a pizza on Halloween night. And if you don't want to order takeout and want to doctorate your own pizza with your kids, try this deep dish pizza recipe to get your night started.