The Best Cocktail To Order, According To The Drink Masters - Exclusive

When you see a crowded bar or lounge on a weekend, not everyone there is just looking for a strong cocktail. Some are there looking for a long-term relationship, some are looking for a fun experience, and others are just trying to connect with another person for the night. While promoting the new series "Drink Masters" with her co-star Kate Gerwin, mixologist Lauren "LP" Paylor O'Brien revealed to us in an exclusive interview that people often feel comfortable opening up to their bartender in ways they may not to others. She explained that it's similar to the way a hairdresser makes you feel safe because they're taking care of an aspect of you.

"They're making you feel good, fulfilled, full," O'Brien said. "It's funny, because it doesn't stop with the drink that we serve you. It really is about how we make you feel, the comfortability aspect. You're coming to our bar. You could sit at home and make yourself a drink. It's a full experience, and it's kind of magical when you think about it that way."

While it's certainly important that a mixologist makes you feel welcome, it's also critical they can make a great bevvy. For those guests who come looking for a stellar drink, the cocktail experts have their own go-to choice. With so many elaborate and decadent options out there, you might be surprised to know that it's a simple one that you've definitely heard of and have probably consumed once or twice.

This simple drink needs the right finesse

"Drink Masters" star Kate Gerwin divulged that when she wants to test a new bartender's skills, she asks them to make a daiquiri. She explained that while it's a simple three-ingredient cocktail, it shows if the mixologist understands balance. "You still want to taste the spirit, sugar, and citrus balance each other out because of the acidity and the sugar levels," Gerwin said. "To me, taking something [as] simplistic as a daiquiri and making sure the bartender can make all of those three ingredients still shine — one can't outshine the other — is the mark of someone who knows their craft."

If the expert bartender is looking for the perfect daiquiri, she said she's heading to one specific place. "I'm going to Cafe La Trova in Miami and bellying up and asking Julio, the god of daiquiris, to make me one," Gerwin revealed. "A hand-shaken daiquiri is an act of beauty, and it's an art form."

The new series "Drink Masters" is now available for streaming on Netflix.