An All-Out Karen Ruined Everyone's Good Time During A Birthday Meal

When going out in public, there's one thing to always take into consideration: You might encounter rude people. It's just a part of life, accepting that not everyone was raised with adequate manners or respect for others. While you can mentally prepare for crossing paths with some of these unsavory members of society, others are outright belligerent in their behavior. You might call these aggressive, know-it-all, privileged people a "Karen." We've all seen and witnessed at least one Karen breakdown in our lives, hopefully on the sidelines and not intermingled in the unfortunate scene.

While these incidents are obviously uncomfortable, they happen more often than you may think. Thanks to the wide availability of smartphones and a camera in our pocket everywhere we go, plenty of public Karen meltdowns have been captured around the world, from the McDonald's drive-thru to the line at Starbucks.

In one of the latest Karen tantrums shared on the internet, a woman is caught on camera totally injecting herself into a woman's birthday celebration at a restaurant. In true Karen fashion, she makes the evening all about herself as her fellow diners are seen happy and celebrating.

Birthday party turned food fight

To all of the amazing people named Karen out in the world, we apologize for this "Karen"-esque incident that is about to be shown. Sporting the stereotypical short haircut and all, a rogue Karen totally ruined a woman's birthday celebration at a restaurant. In a video recently posted on TikTok, the Karen and her date were seen looking irritated while a celebratory birthday party cheered at the table next to them. Suddenly, Karen stood up and threw a drink at the entourage, screaming at them to "shut up" and "stop screaming" so she could enjoy her meal "in peace." 

Quickly, a full-on food fight broke out between Karen, her date, and the birthday group, as plates of food and drinks were thrown back and forth until the restaurant's staff ordered the couple to leave. The whole scene was captured on video thanks to a neighboring table who shared the scene on TikTok. "Some sad people can't see others happy," one user commented on the video. "She could have easily asked for a different table or ask a waiter if they can ask the other party to just turn it down a bit but not completely," another person advised. "I would definitely be throwing something... hands," another person said.