Popeyes Just Hinted At Raising Some Discontinued Food From The Dead

We've seen dozens of new fast food items hit the market over the last few years, though none may have been more well-received by foodies than the Popeyes chicken sandwich. Released nationwide on August 12, 2019, the infamous fried chicken sammie sold out within just two weeks of its debut (via CNN Business) and launched the industry into a years-long chicken sandwich war that is still raging on today.

Needless to say, the members of Popeyes' Culinary Innovation team certainly earned their paycheck when they came up with the iconic handheld (a process, by the way, that actually started back in 2016, according to Time), and now, it looks like the Louisiana Kitchen might be getting ready to shake things up on its menu once again. However, rather than turning to its squad of culinary innovators to come up with Popeyes' next big thing, it seems the chain may be pulling something out of the archives, instead.

In a tweet posted to the official Popeyes Twitter account on October 27, the restaurant asked its loyal followers, "What retired food item should we raise back from the dead?" For the sake of the eatery's fans, we hope their sentiments weren't just a bunch of hocus pocus, as the tweet garnered hundreds of responses from fans who had plenty of suggestions for which of Popeyes' discontinued dishes should be resurrected from the grave.

Here's what Popeyes fans want to make a comeback

A number of retired fast food items have made their way back to the menus of our favorite eatery's recently, and now, it appears that Popeyes might be the next restaurant to hop on to the trend. The chain hinted at raising some of its discontinued food from the dead in a tweet posted last week, prompting several fans to share what they think should get the Dr. Frankenstein treatment from the fried chicken joint.

"Onion rings!!!" Twitter user @aucatfish suggested, which has earned the support of 44 more fans on the social media platform. "Ghost pepper wings please," another user said. Twitter user @abusboom begged the chain to make its spicy fish sandwich a year-round offering, while several others were hell-bent on convincing Popeyes to bring back its Cajun rice for good. "This is not an item that should be off the menu anyway. I love Popeyes chicken, but when they have Cajun rice, I literally visit Popeyes at least 250% more often," one follower tweeted (and if you agree, we have a copycat Popeyes Cajun rice recipe you can follow until the restaurant complies).

Other popular suggestions on the thread included chicken wraps, green beans, and waffle tenders, as well as wider availability of Popeyes' elusive breakfast grub. If we're lucky, Popeyes' October 27 tweet won't end up being a trick, and we'll be treated to a few of these discontinued Popeyes menu items of yesteryear sometime soon.