Guy Fieri's Taylor Swift Album Parody Has The Internet Cracking Up

You don't need to be a major Swiftie to know that there's new Taylor Swift music out right now. The Grammy-award winner dropped her 10th studio album, "Midnights," earlier this month on October 21 after announcing it in her acceptance speech for best video at the MTV Music Video Awards on August 29 (via Harper's Bazaar). In typical T.S. fashion, the pop star spent weeks leading up to her album release teasing fans about her upcoming work through a series of TikTok videos, the first of which saw her announcing that she would be releasing not just one, but four different vinyl version of "Midnights," with each featuring a different piece of cover art on the front.

Swift upped the ante in another TikTok video two weeks later in which she revealed the back covers of the full set of vinyl combined together to create — go figure — a clock, and at that point, it seemed the news about her vinyl albums was done. However, what Swifties, and possibly even Swift herself, didn't know was that there was also going to be a fifth version of the album available — and it's available exclusively in Flavortown.

Okay, so we may have stretched the truth a bit there, as there isn't really a fifth installment of "Midnights" on the market (sorry Swifties!). However, the Mayor of Flavortown Guy Fieri did create a hilarious parody of Swift's latest release on social media that has fans of the chef cracking up.

Guy Fieri's Flavors is Flavortown-approved

Billboard reports that Taylor Swift's "Midnights" is currently the number-one album in the entire nation. Well, except for in Flavortown, that is. Rather, the inhabitants of Guy Fieri's mythical city are raving about the spiky-haired chef's parody version of Swift's chart-topper that he dropped on social media on October 21.

The Food Network star's take features a close-up photo of Fieri smoking a flaming cigar, which has a filter over it that is slightly reminiscent of a Polaroid photo. Similar to the cover of Swift's actual release, Fieri's "Flavors" also has a 13-item tracklist in the bottom left corner that includes titles such as "Lavender Cookies," "Anti-Hero-Sandwich" and "Key Lime Karma," all of which are parodies of the Grammy-winner's actual tracklist for latest work of art.

Unsurprisingly, Fieri's "Midnights" was a hit with Flavortown residents, who awarded the "wild ride of an album" 46,000 likes and hundreds of comments on Instagram as of this writing. "Master macaroni is going to top the charts no doubt," one person commented. "This is the 6 a.m. release of the album," another quipped.

Foodies on Twitter were just as amused. "Salt on the burger goes unethically hard," one person tweeted in response. "Waiting on the 3 a.m. Bonus snacks," teased another fan, while a third asked if they could join Fieri on a track. Unfortunately, the Twitterer missed out on a collab this time around. However, if Fieri ever releases "Flavors (Guy's Version)," they may have a chance in the future after all.