Hell's Kitchen Contestant Alex Says What He Really Thinks Of Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is notorious for being a bit harsh in the kitchen, but what is he like when the cameras aren't rolling? The answer changes depending on who you ask, as there are people who adore the chef and people who can't stand him

According to Metro, "The Naked Chef" star Jamie Oliver has quite the disdain for Ramsay. It started when Oliver scrutinized Ramsay for criticizing Australian TV presenter Tracy Grimshaw's appearance. Ramsay responded by calling Oliver a "one-pot wonder" and trashing the food at his restaurant.

Often times, though, contestants who have starred on Ramsay's shows love and respect him. In an interview with Mashed, "Hell's Kitchen" winner Kori Sutton said it feels like a "fatherly moment" when he speaks to you. "It's such an amazing experience to even be in his kitchen, have your name even be in his vocabulary for some time," she said. And in October, another one of Ramsay's contestants, Alex Belew, shared which side of the spectrum he's on in an interview with Fansided.

Belew thinks Ramsay is 'hilarious'

In October, Alex Belew, a contestant on "Hell's Kitchen: Battle of the Ages," revealed how he felt about working with Gordon Ramsay in an interview with Fansided. Belew called Ramsay "a presence" and applauded how fast, smart, and funny the chef is.

"It's very surreal ... a couple days before that I was in my restaurant in Murfreesboro. And now I'm standing on this platform in front of Gordon and Christina and Jason with these 17 other contestants and all these cameras," Belew said to the outlet. He added of Ramsay, "He's such a presence. He's so fast. And he's so smart. And he's hilarious and it's just, it's hard to almost take it in all in that moment."

According to SK Pop, Belew sold his business to appear on the show. An award-winning chef, he's been in the restaurant business for 24 years and hosts a podcast titled, "Cooking, Cocktails, & Community."