Reddit Is Fascinated By This Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Nacho Hack

If we're being honest, the true star of Americanized Mexican food is Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza. While this menu item was already extremely popular before Taco Bell got rid of the Mexican Pizza in late 2020, we have to admit, absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Earlier this year, according to CNN, Taco Bell sold more than 20 million of them, all within just three months. We don't have to tell you how impressive that is.

All of this just goes to show that people love Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza, and now that it has returned for good, Mexican Pizza lovers across the country are celebrating by creating their own unique spins on the dish. Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, Reddit shows up with a Mexican Pizza nacho hack that'll take everyone's Mexican Pizza experience to a whole new delicious level. We can't speak for Taco Bell, but we think this hack might be a real winner. 

Upgrade your Mexican Pizza experience with nachos

Although Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza is perfect without any customizations, one Reddit user recently demonstrated that even perfection can be improved upon. According to their hack, you start out with Nachos BellGrande, and ask for no sour cream. You then ask to add Mexican Pizza sauce, red sauce, and the three-cheese blend, resulting in "Mexican Pizza nachos."

One Redditor asked, "Why not crush the Mexican Pizza until it looks like nachos?" To be fair, this is a good question, but the original poster hit the answer right on the nose with their response: "You get more crunch with all the nachos." If you've had a Mexican Pizza, you know that the meats and sauces tend to make the shells a bit soggy, so this nachos hack will definitely provide the crunch we all desire.

Well, you heard it here first — this is another upgraded Taco Bell Nacho BellGrande order to try, courtesy of the good people of Reddit, if you're looking to really 'wow' your taste buds. You're welcome.