Instagram Isn't Quite Sold On Burger King's Scorpio Season Meal

Scorpio season transpires each year from October 23 to November 22, a time of great complexity and encouragement to dig deeper (per The Cut). And this entire year, Burger King has released meals meant to correspond to each sign. Some astrology buffs agree with the chain's ruling, while others feel something is slightly off. One sign that people seemed to agree heavily on was that of the Virgo (per Instagram). The Virgo meal consisted of a Whopper Jr., a small fry, and a large Coca-Cola, and in Burger King's opinion, the sign is known for being "picky" and "always right" among other traits. "I'm a Virgo and couldn't find anything wrong with this treat from heaven," one commenter wrote. "I'm a Virgo and I love this," wrote another.

The Taurus meal, however, caused a bit more disdain. In an Instagram post, Burger King designated the Impossible Whopper, chicken nuggets, and a milkshake for Taurus. Instagram users soon jumped in, writing "So Inaccurate" and "Uncommon Burger King L." Now, with Scorpio season among us, the fast-food chain has released this month's meal, and Instagram, as usual, as some thoughts.

Burger King had some thoughts about the sign

To kick off the beginning of Scorpio season, Burger King revealed to Instagram which meal it believes parallels the mysterious sign. The meal consisted of jalapeño poppers, an Oreo shake, and a Whopper, and the caption read, "[You] don't have to tell a Scorpio to have it their way. They already are." The characteristics the eatery suggested were "everything is a competition," "hates being controlled," "unapologetically fierce," "stands by friends, family, and partners," and "willing to 'go for it.'"

There didn't seem to be any backlash regarding the listed traits, but the meal itself stirred the comments section up a bit. Comments included, "I would've anticipated more in this Scorpio BK meal," "Sorry your chocolate shake is better," and "Can't you at least put cheese on it?" Burger King also posted about the sign on its Twitter account, "Scorpio szn is upon us. I'm not nervous you're nervous," with a sweating emoji. The meal wasn't mentioned in this post, so instead of backlash, Scorpios stepped in to defend their sign. "Not nervous. Excited," wrote one individual. "Scorpio season is MY season," wrote another. That's one thing we love about the sign — they sure are unapologetic.