Drew Barrymore's Pizza Salad Is Leaving TikTok In Shock

So, you have decided to add more veggies to your daily meals — maybe you order vegetarian sides once in a while or add veggies to your morning omelets. You are also considering having scrumptious salads as a main dish, even if this means sometimes saying no to your junk food cravings like burgers, fries, and yes, pizza. Here is some news: You can be part of Drew Barrymore's team. If you're looking forward to Drew Barrymore's cookbook, you may be interested in what she's created.

The actress, entrepreneur, and TV show host shared a bright food invention named the pizza salad with her 7 million TikTok followers. If you are thinking of a mixed green salad with classic pizza toppings, think again. The star grabbed a slice of pizza, that looks like a regular cheese pizza with olives and peppers, and swept all these ingredients into a plastic plate. She explained that instead of eating the "bread" (which she called the pizza crust) and avoiding "the gluten," she eats all the pizza-flavored toppings, including the gooey-ooey cheese, with any kind of spring mix base and has a pizza salad.

While Barrymore thought was a clever hack, many followers didn't and were left in shock. "Drew NOOOOOOO WHY DREW? You're beautiful," claimed a follower. Apparently, removing the toppings from the pizza is not a thing.

TikTok prefers the pizza to Drew Barrymore's pizza salad

"Life's too short, eat the pizza," a TikTok follower advised Drew Barrymore, and many commented with the same message. Comedian Mike Birbiglia said, "Drew I'm filing a lawsuit on behalf of pizza," as he couldn't stand what he just saw. One of Barrymore's fans could agree with Mike and said, "Straight to prison, but I love you," just like others that insisted on forgiveness.

Others could relate by sharing they have done the same thing, like a user that said they actually eat the dough after removing the cheese, or another user that said, "This ruined pizza ... but leveled up salad." Gluten-intolerant users shared helpful advice, saying that actually cross-contamination could be happening. "If you are gluten intolerant you can't eat toppings off a pizza," as a comment read.

Of course, those who finish the video will notice that Drew finishes the video by eating a slice of pizza. "We didn't know it, but we really needed to see that bite at the end!" read a comment.