How Coffee Can Majorly Upgrade Chili

Any rainy day is the best time to perfect your soup recipes. Most notably, chili. The hearty, flavorful, thick dish from the state of Texas is a classic food offering for families around the world, incorporating the flavors of meat, chili powder, onion, spices, and beans into a delicious, warm meal.

Since its claimed origins among indigenous populations in Texas and New Mexico in the 1600s, chili has taken over as an iconic dish around the world (via Food Republic). People love it so much that there are even serious chili cooking contests every year. If you think your chili is good enough to compete with the big guys, you can join the International Chili Society and submit your chili for the ultimate cook-off.

While you may have a chili recipe that has been passed down among generations, there's nothing wrong with spicing up recipes and surprising your family and friends with new added flavors. Sure, we've looked at how baking soda can upgrade your chili, as well as adding sweet potatoes, balsamic vinegar, and even beer to chili. But coffee? Yes, coffee can actually majorly upgrade your recipe in several different ways.

Slight bitter taste for perfection

If you're looking for ways to spice up your homemade chili, you may have found your perfect match. Next time you brew yourself a pot of regular, black coffee, save some to add to your chili recipe that night. Coffee's natural bitter flavor pairs quite nicely with the meat and spices in chili. It is recommended to add regular, black coffee to the dish while it's simmering.

According to Coffee Affection, adding coffee to chili really helps bring out more of an earthy taste to the bean-based dish. The coffee complements the spices in the chili, including bringing more aromas and flavors to the garlic, onions, and peppers.

Don't worry though, adding coffee to your chili won't ruin your bedtime routine — the caffeine will be cooked out and won't make you wired after eating a bowl or two. Additionally, a small amount of coffee in a big pot of chili gets dispersed so it wouldn't be enough anyway to wake you up.