Popeyes Is Giving Away A Free Sandwich For National Sandwich Day

Labor Day. The 4th of July. Thanksgiving. All of these are American holidays, celebrated from the East Coast to the West by thousands of patriotic and hard-working Americans. But there's one holiday that many seem to brush over, despite it celebrating one of the most common foods in the United States: National Sandwich Day.

Okay, fine, the sandwich isn't exactly an American invention (we can credit either a Babylonian rabbi or John Montagu — aka the Earl of Sandwich — for its invention, according to HISTORY), but to say that Americans don't love a good sandwich wouldn't be true either. The New York Daily News reports that the ordinary American will eat an average of 2,984 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches over the course of their life, while the South Florida Reporter estimated in 2017 that Americans will devour 300 million sandwiches daily. And to say nothing of the recent frenzy regarding fast-food chicken sandwiches. With such a love for sandwiches, it's no wonder that the United States declared November 3 to be National Sandwich Day (via National Today).

Fried chicken purveyor Popeyes wants you to celebrate not just with one of its chicken sandwiches, but with a free chicken sandwich. But before you go tearing over to your local Popeyes and demand that you be served a free sandwich in honor of National Sandwich Day, there's a catch you should know first. 

Popeyes is giving out free sandwiches for a week

What could be better than a free chicken sandwich on National Sandwich Day? Try free sandwiches for nearly an entire week!

According to Chew Boom, Popeyes is giving out free chicken sandwiches from November 3 to November 9 when you purchase a Chicken Sandwich Combo. A Chicken Sandwich Combo usually includes a chicken sandwich, your choice of side, and a drink, meaning that you're getting two sandwiches for the price of one combo. All you have to do to order it is place an order for delivery or pickup through the Popeyes mobile app. While there is a limit of one redemption per order, you can place a separate qualifying order for pickup or delivery and get the free sandwich deal as many times as you like.

Popeyes had a similar promotional event for National Sandwich Day in 2021, although it was somewhat different in how you scored the free sandwich. According to Thrillist, you still needed to use the Popeyes app or online ordering to be eligible for the deal, but rather than buy a Chicken Sandwich Combo, all you needed to do was spend a minimum of $10 to get the offer. This promotion, however, lasted for only 2 days, compared to this promotion, which lasts for almost a full week. 

So, if you're in the mood for a free sandwich this week — and isn't everyone? — at least Popeyes is an option.