The Dunkin' Snack That's Way More Nutritious Than You Think

Dunkin' Donuts, or as it prefers to be called nowadays "Dunkin'," is known for two things: coffee and donuts. In the morning, a cup of steaming hot java and a sweet, sugary donut covered in anything from glaze to icing is just the thing to get yourself out of bed and back on the grind. But have you ever considered if Dunkin' is healthy? Can anything there be truly considered "healthy?"

The truth is that Dunkin' has several healthy and unhealth" options, but everyone has their own opinion. Food Network, for example, claims that you'd be better off ordering the 300-calorie Egg White Veggie Flatbread than the 500-calorie Supreme Omelet & Cheese on a Biscuit sandwich. MindBodyGreen also suggests that the 180-calorie Egg and Cheese Wake Up Wrap and the 230-calorie Sugared Donut makes for a relatively light and filling breakfast. In short, it would appear that lighter breakfast choices that include eggs and vegetables seem to be the prime choices for a healthy but energizing breakfast.

But what if you don't want eggs or vegetables? You may want to start your day off right with some meat. Fortunately for you, there's actually one snack item that is actually somewhat more nutritious than you may have previously thought.

Snackin' Bacon is actually a pretty decent choice

In case you don't know what Snackin' Bacon is, it's basically strips of bacon that have been cooked and dredged in a sweet, peppery glaze. It's meant to be a crispy, savory, and sweet snack for the mid-morning commute. While you may have never considered it before, it turns out that Snackin' Bacon is actually a moderately healthy choice when it comes to ordering at Dunkin'.

According to AOL, Dunkin's Snackin' Bacon clocks in at around 190 calories — an impressively low number for something most would consider a treat full of fat. Fast Food Nutrition elaborates, reporting that the bacon snack is not only 190 calories, but also contains 10 grams of protein, 10 grams of carbohydrates, and a relatively low 35 milligrams of cholesterol. The Snackin' Bacon does, however, have 500 milligrams of sodium on account of the meat and all that pepper glaze, meaning it's a pretty salty way to start off the morning.

If you want to enjoy Snackin' Bacon at home and be able to control the amount of sodium that you put on it, Betty Crocker offers a recipe that is incredibly similar, if not an almost exact recipe, of how to prepare it. All in all, Dunkin's Bacon isn't too bad of a pick-me-up in the morning if you want some meat alongside your donut. It's not an excuse to order a lot of it on the grounds of health, but hey, it's your breakfast.