McDonald's Is Dropping A New Burger And McFlurry Before The Holidays

The holidays are always a special time of year. There are loads of Halloween snacks to be had, and all kinds of unique celebrations, from elves put on shelves to the fried foods of Hanukkah. Many companies honor the holidays as well, putting out all manner of interesting treats and goodies that have a unique wintertime flair. This brings a little extra cheer to the darkest months.

McDonald's usually isn't as big as some brands at releasing special menu items for the holiday season. When McD's puts something out, it prefers to go against the grain. For instance, fast food companies normally don't make a big show of St. Patrick's Day, yet McDonald's minty green shamrock shake rises up each year, presumably so revelers have something to mix their Jameson's into that they can carry around in public. The golden arched eatery also tried a free food holiday giveaway a few years ago, but it didn't seem popular enough to make a repeat appearance.

The one nod that McDonald's frequently does make to the end-of-the-year celebrations is its holiday pie. This item returns again and again, though it doesn't hold to any particular release date, which makes it difficult to find if you don't spend a lot of time eating fast food. However, for 2022, McDonald's is trying to get into the spirit of the season with a new burger and McFlurry for fans to enjoy.

A new smoky quarter pounder and fudge McFlurry add savory and sweet to the holiday season

It's hard to say exactly what item on McDonald's menu is the best known. Some may claim it's the Big Mac, which may be the only reason aside from Reuben sandwiches that anyone knows what thousand island dressing even is. Then there's the egg McMuffin, which is a contender for the best breakfast sandwich of all time. Though those items are reliable standbys, it's likely the quarter pounder that is the cornerstone of McDonald's menu. It's so popular, it received a famous discussion in "Pulp Fiction." Let's see the Happy Meal or McNuggets do that.

This year, McDonald's has announced (via PR Newswire) that it will begin serving a Smoky BLT Quarter Pounder with Cheese. It has everything beloved about the standard hamburger, but with the addition of bacon, because you can't go wrong with bacon unless you're kosher. The result is a Royale with Cheese on steroids. Bacon steroids.

The other item that McDonald's is revising is another of its classics, the McFlurry. The original McFlurry is perhaps the only fast food dessert that can stand against Dairy Queen's Blizzard, though the two are actually very different. The new fudge McFlurry is about the same. It still contains soft serve ice cream and Oreo cookie chunks, but now has hot fudge topping in the mix for a comforting taste that's ideal for anyone who feels that winter is the perfect season for ice cream.