Here's What Happened To Jones Scones After Shark Tank

Since "Shark Tank" premiered back in 2009, business owners have had the chance to present their idea to a team of investors on a national stage. Though the investor "sharks" don't always bite, the presenting entrepreneurs often come away with a sales increase because of those watching at home who became interested in the product.

In 2013, J. Jones, who founded Jones Scones, appeared on the show to sell his variation of the classic baked good — a creamier, less-dry version of the British favorite. According to Shark Tank Blog, Jones entered the tank seeking a $100,000 investment in exchange for 25% equity in his company. Jones made a deal with local Whole Foods locations to sell his products in several stores but needed more money to expand the business.

Despite his compelling story, which included being a cancer survivor, plus the fact that around 56% of contestants end up with a deal (per The Hustle), Jones couldn't get the sharks to bite. None of them felt that it made sense to invest the money into a business that was selling a single product, and some didn't love the taste. Nine years later, where does Jones Scones stand now?

Jones Scones might have gone out of business

Nearly a decade after appearing on "Shark Tank," Jones Scones might have dried up. The brand does not appear to have a website; its Facebook page lists as its home page, but the site is inaccessible. When it comes to its Facebook page, things don't look much better. There was a four-year hiatus between the most recent post and the one prior. In August 2022, a post was published telling customers they could call to order, but calling the phone number prompted a Google Voice recording rather than connecting to the store. Prior to that post, the last post was in 2018.

The business' Instagram account hasn't been active in almost a decade, with the last post having been published back in 2013. Jones Scones' last tweet was in 2018. Nothing suggests that Jones Scones has a storefront, which leads us to believe the brand has stopped producing its baked goods.

It is unclear why Jones Scones shut its doors

Despite a thorough search, there doesn't appear to be any reliable information as to why Jones Scones closed up shop. J. Jones had mentioned some financial setbacks in his pitch to the "Shark Tank" investors, and without securing an investment, it's possible the business closed for financial reasons — however, we can't say for sure.

Featured "Shark Tank" products that do not survive down the road (like Liz Lovely cookies) often end with the entrepreneurs closing their doors without much information as to why. Though plenty of products are successful once they appear on the show, there are still a number of companies that end up sinking. Shark Tank Blog maintains a tally of more than 100 companies that have tried and failed despite a "Shark Tank" appearance. And yes, Jones Scones is listed as a member of this group. Based on its social media presence, Jones Scones appears to have gone out of business in 2018 and Shark Tank Blog claims that J. Jones went back to being a lawyer.