Cameron Diaz's Wine Company Just Launched A Holiday Collection

In the midst of the pandemic, entrepreneur Katherine Power and American actress Cameron Diaz kick-started Avaline, a wine company made with organic, additive-free grapes (per Forbes). The less-than-ideal timing didn't seem to affect the duo, as the company's white and rose variations saw such success that the red blend was released months earlier than planned. "We've just been asked so much—as soon as the white and rosé hit the market, immediately we started having questions about red," Diaz said. "It's our most frequently asked question. We thought, since we have it bottled, let's get it over here sooner rather than later."

A little over two years later, Diaz and Power want you to grab a pack of Avaline's holiday collection while kicking back to a Christmas movie (per a press release). "The Holiday," appropriately starring Diaz, is a 2006 film where women from different countries swap locations and end up meeting their respective soulmates (per IMDB). To begin your season right, the actress' wine venture has unveiled its Avaline Holiday Collection designed to pair specifically with this festive, classic rom-com.

The set includes 6 variations

Cameron Diaz's wine company Avaline just released a new wine set perfect for cozying up to a movie. According to a press release, the Avaline Holiday Collection, featuring six limited-edition wines, was made available for purchase earlier this week. To help this set stand out from the rest, it includes wines from around the world.

With a wide set of flavors, the pack is sure to have something for every wine lover. To ensure consumers know what to expect, Avaline's website breaks down the flavor profiles of each offering. First, there's a "medium-to-full bodied" Merlot with elements of cherry and black tea. The Syrah is more "full-bodied" with hints of toasted clove, raspberry, and lavender. The "medium-bodied" Bobal gets its tart taste from a red berry base with juniper and florals. Penedés Tinto is a mix of roasted strawberry, black cherry, and "fresh cut cedar," while the company's Sauvignon Blanc is a dry wine with melon, lime zest, and honeysuckle. The final variation is a Viognier, which has notes of white rose, citrus blossom, and "tangy lemon" for a "rich" taste.

The collection, which costs $175, can be found exclusively on Avaline's website. There's no information about how these wines precisely pair with "The Holiday" and there are no reviews up yet, so it looks like you'll have to figure that out for yourself. Dlisted reported in 2020 that Diaz's wine had gotten middling reviews from experts and may not be as "clean" as it promises, but a Popsugar writer reviewed three bottles earlier this year and enjoyed them all.