Is There A Correct Way To Dress When Greeting Delivery Drivers?

Have you ever actually thought about your outfit, or lack thereof, when you meet the delivery driver at the door?

It's such a simple task. You place your order and wait, with your only effort in the procedure consisting of the trip to the front door to collect it from the food delivery driver before crawling into your cocoon of comfort again. Bearing this in mind, do you go climb into, at least, a pair of sweatpants first, or do you answer the door in boxers or an oversized T-shirt?

One Reddit user revealed, "I actually had one customer that was a female come out in a robe that was completely see-through, she had no bra and just panties and was receiving a bottle of alcohol." Of course, we are presuming they were the delivery driver. On the opposing end, News 10 shares the thoughts of one customer, which you may think is justified. "It's MY house! It's MY front door! I can answer it however I want to, within reason and shirtless is within reason," they say. However, is this the correct approach to greeting delivery drivers?

A question worth pondering

Judging by a discussion on Reddit, it becomes apparent that a lot more thought goes into the dress code of those dropping off food than those ordering the deliveries. "It's important [for delivery drivers] to look neat and tidy," says the Service Club. But, you may be thinking, "I am the customer," and perhaps you feel you don't need to adhere to any dress code.

Regardless of how you feel, designer Frederick Anderson draws attention to the basics. "It's never appropriate to be in underwear opening the door," and he goes on to point out the jeopardy it may pose to customers due to a societal issue. "For a woman customer, it's actually dangerous," he states, (via TODAY). This is an astute observation considering that 51% of North American women have experienced violence at some point in their lives (per the National Library of Medicine). 

Aside from potential dangers, dressing in your skivvies to open the door can make the driver uncomfortable. And it's not that hard to throw a robe on. While it may be too much to ask that you don the tweeds to collect your food, perhaps the answer to the question "is there a correct way to dress when greeting delivery drivers?" lies in another question. "Could your coverings raise eyebrows if you wore them in public?" per etiquette expert Thomas P. Farley (via TODAY). Definitely, something to ponder before your next DoorDash delivery.