The One Part Of Cooking That Rachael Ray Can't Stand

When you watch a celebrity chef on television for the first time, it's easy to think they have the whole cooking thing all figured out and that they enjoy it. What we non-celebrity chefs hate about cooking, they seem to embrace and take on flawlessly. But when Rachael Ray made a confession related to cooking, she let the world know that even celebrity chefs dislike certain elements of food preparation.

Ray has been helping people learn how to cook with her many TV shows and cookbooks for more than 20 years, according to ABC News. She has been nominated more than a dozen times for various awards and won an Emmy for the "30-Minute Meals" program in 2006 (via Food Network Wiki). But one of the things you might not know about Ray, unless you've watched enough of "The Rachael Ray Show" over the years, is that her confession involves a certain part of cooking that she can't stand.

Rachael Ray admits that she can't stand baking

Her success with "30-Minute Meals" serves as a clue that Rachael Ray doesn't have much patience in the kitchen. She told Eating Well that she wishes she had more of it, but her biggest confession was that she doesn't really enjoy baking. Ray despises making food that involves measuring. "I have a very specific, sloppy, and quick way to cook," She explained. If you're a baker, you would know that with many recipes, having patience and using exact measurements is key to a great dessert.

Ray has, directly and indirectly, mentioned her dislike of baking several times on television over the years. A compilation of clips from "The Rachael Ray Show" during a segment on "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" highlighted her "I hate baking" confession. In one clip, she said the most challenging part of cooking is "the discipline of baking." In another, she flat-out said, "I suck at baking." She also repeatedly credited her older sister for being a much better baker.

With baking duties delegated to another family member, Ray can stick to the fast meals she has become synonymous with throughout her career.