McDonald's Is Charging For Dipping Sauces In The UK - Is The US Next?

McDonald's is known for a lot of things, but giving drive-thru customers ketchup packets with every order of fries isn't one of them. Some employees won't even ask if you want ketchup. Others will, but might not put them in the bag. To make matters worse, a McDonald's in the United Kingdom now charges for its condiments, according to one TikToker's video.

The OP filmed an employee posting a sticker on a McDonald's self-service machine indicating that dipping sauces would cost 10p (or more), which equates to about 12 U.S. cents. Sure, you can find that kind of money on the ground while waiting in line at the drive-thru, but when viewers saw the video, many were outraged by the new condiment charge. And with the rising costs of, well, everything, who could blame them?

Yet, others commented on the TikTok post that the McDonald's locations where they live have been charging for sauces for years. Now, Americans are wondering if their local Mickey Ds will be next to start charging for dipping sauces.

Some McDonald's charge only for extra sauce

The Daily Dot claims some McDonald's franchisees in the U.K. charge for condiments only if a customer requests one with a meal that doesn't typically require a condiment. For example, if a customer orders a McChicken without a side item such as fries or chicken nuggets, but still wants a packet of sweet and sour sauce, there would be a charge.

Some McDonald's charge for sauces, only if you request extra sauce. One Twitter user expressed his annoyance about McDonald's charging a quarter for an extra barbecue sauce at the drive-thru window. McDonald's actually replied, saying, "Condiments can cost extra, but pricing varies by quantity and location." It's unclear what country the tweeter lives in, but based on a video he shared along with his post, it's likely he lives in the United States.

On Quora, an Oklahoma man who claims to be a former general manager at McDonald's responded to a "What is the charge for sauces at McDonald's" post. He said, "McDonald's corporate does NOT EVER charge for sauce." He also claims the price of the sauce is already included in the cost of all meals at McDonald's.

But could that change though? Could the U.S. McDonald's start charging for condiments as the U.K. does? As the past few years have shown us, anything is possible.