Trader Joe's Fans Say Its New Glazed Maple Donuts Have A 'Weird' Texture

One of the delights of fall is all of the delicious seasonal goodies that show up at the grocery store. Trader Joe's has tried to delight fans with apple cider donuts. The autumnal breakfast pastry has been making a yearly appearance on the shelves at the nautical-themed grocer since at least 2018, and this year, fans were more than ecstatic to see TJ's apple cider donuts make their annual return. "These donuts break me in all the best ways," one Redditor said when they were first spotted in stores earlier this year, while u/SpiralBreeze named the treats as one of only three things they look forward to about fall.

However, TJ's decided to treat its loyal shoppers to a new donut this year. "Presenting Trader Joe's Glazed Maple Donuts, a maple-y marvel that's sure to bring joy to sweet-toothed breakfast pastry lovers throughout the land," the chain said on its website, noting that it teamed up with the "same donut specialists" behind its apple cider and sour cream varieties for the newest addition to its donut collection. "They've come through yet again," the grocer claimed – though, unfortunately, it seems that fans don't exactly agree.

After receiving the spotlight treatment by TJ's-infatuated Instagrammer @traderjoeslist on Monday, November 7, many shoppers shared that there was one particular aspect about the new glazed maple donuts that made them think twice about taking another bite.

Here's how shoppers are improving TJ's new glazed maple donuts

"More and more, we're doing donuts. And we're doing them deliciously, if we do say so ourselves," read the webpage for Trader Joe's new, limited-edition glazed maple donuts. But while everybody is entitled to their opinion, the grocer may have been better off reading the comments section of Instagram user @traderjoeslist's latest post before making such a bold claim. "Rumor has it you will either love or pass on these. The maple flavor is perfectly balanced but the thickness of the glaze tends to leave a coating on the mouths of many that is said to not be pleasant," the TJ's fan explained in the caption of their most recent share.

Several commenters affirmed those sentiments, including user @lorrenlemmons. "Yes I really thought these would be good but they didn't do it for me. The aforementioned chalky mouthfeel and they were also kind of dense and dry," they shared. "Flavor was 12/10. Coating made them -1/10 though," said another, while a third said the donuts "taste like how I imagine chugging maple syrup would taste."

Still, despite the negativity surrounding TJ's newest treats, not all hope is lost for the glazed maple donuts, as several shoppers have found a few workarounds for their "weird" texture. "Warmed or with coffee and they'll be great," one Instagrammer explained. "We were able to sample these today. The maple flavor is absolutely delicious!!" they said.