The Reddit Thread That Spawned Controversial Opinions About Cheese

Domestic per capita consumption of cheese has increased by 19% in the past decade in the U.S. (per International Dairy Foods Association). Daily cheese consumption in America has nearly doubled over the period of 1979-2019, now accounting for the biggest share of our country's per capita dairy product consumption (via United States Department of Agriculture).

Collectively, we are a nation of cheese lovers, always seeking new and interesting ways to prepare or enhance food with that melty, gooey goodness. Whether it's piling slices of Swiss on a club sandwich, melting a hunk of aged cheddar over a burger, or sprinkling shredded mozzarella over pizza, we just can't get enough.

Then there are of course cheeses' myriad uses in pasta dishes, including mac and cheese, which lets you get really creative and blend in anything from sharp and gouda to creamy bechamel sauce among countless other choices. Lasagna and manicotti typically feature generous applications of soft, pillowy ricotta. For the more sophisticated cheese palate, a date night to a local wine bar that serves a charcuterie board allows you to sample different varieties paired with cured meats, crackers, fruit, and nuts.

But not everyone is effusive in their praise of cheese. A Reddit thread that spawned controversial opinions about the popular dairy product has led some people to verbally 'shred' cheese and challenge its standing in our culinary pantheon.

Unpleased with cheese

A thread on the forumĀ r/AskReddit poses the question, "What's your most controversial food opinion?" Right off the bat a bevy of contributors engaged in a heated argument over veganism and the ethical and environmental issues surrounding eating foods that come from animals.

But beyond that debate, which wasn't solved, there were several users of the subreddit who had not-so-pleasant things to say about cheese. One person stated bluntly, "cheese ruins food." Another commented, "cheese is horrible," while a third individual offered the more tempered criticism that "cheese is overrated."

Cheese apologists waded into the conversation, including someone who pointed to the expansive diversity of cheeses which can appeal to a wide spectrum of tastes. "There are many disgusting cheeses, but there must be one you like. Try something not made in the US and decently soft in flavor." Another Redditor asked a cheese hater if they "ever had cheese from Europe," and "If no. Why, how, who hurt you?"

Cheese clearly makes a lot of people happy, but there are detractors for every food product for a number of reasons ranging from diet or lifestyle to allergies, taste, texture, and smell. However, if you are a certified cheese aficionado, we have you covered with seven dinner recipes to make if you're undeniably obsessed with cheese.