Cinnabon's Cream Cheese Frosting Is Back For The Holidays

If there's one thing that's true for a lot of people during the holidays, it's that healthy breakfasts go out the window as soon as we hit November. Things like smoothies and egg white omelettes are replaced by fun treats like pumpkin bread and cinnamon rolls. But there's a dilemma. There are a lot of mistakes everyone makes when making cinnamon rolls from scratch, and it takes a lot of time to do properly. Thankfully, there are many refrigerated canned cinnamon roll options at the store these days, and you can sometimes even find cinnamon rolls in the freezer aisle. When even that seems like too much trouble, you can always pick some up at Cinnabon. But there's actually another option.

You can try the semi-homemade method: baking cinnamon rolls at home, but outsource the frosting to save time and dishes. And though you could just use any standard cake frosting to top your cinnamon rolls, you might want to go with frosting from the experts at Cinnabon themselves. The chain just announced that it's bringing back its Frosting Pints for the holidays, and this year, they come in more than one flavor.

Cream cheese and chocolate

Fans of all things sweet and cinnamon will be excited to hear that Cinnabon's festive cream cheese frosting pints have officially returned, and this year, the chain is offering customers more variety. In a press release, Cinnabon announced that not only has it brought back its Signature Cream Cheese pints, but that it's also introducing new Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting Pints into the mix. The chocolate flavor is inspired by the frosting found on the chain's limited-time offering of Chocolate BonBites introduced earlier this year.

Pints of the chain's frosting will be available to purchase at Cinnabon locations around the country, and for delivery depending on location (via Instagram). As for what to do with the pints once you have them on hand, you're not limited to just cinnamon rolls. You could use it to top muffins, cupcakes, and pound, loaf, or bundt cakes; you could add some to a tall stack of pancakes as a special holiday breakfast; or you could even experiment with making some fun flavored lattes that are sweetened with frosting. 

Cinnabon's motto is "Life Needs Frosting," and the chain is definitely making that a reality with these delicious pints this season.