Cinnabon's New Treat Features An Unexpected Cinnamon Replacement

If you've ever followed your nose in a Toucan Sam fashion to the nearest Cinnabon, you know how powerful the lure of a sweet treat can be. And Cinnabon has been tantalizing olfactory bulbs since 1985, when the first location opened in Seattle at the SeaTac Mall. Their website boasts that the company that was founded by a father and son team now has spots in over 50 countries around the globe. That's a whole lot of people enjoying cinnamon rolls. 

America definitely has a love affair with this dessert that you can eat for breakfast. In fact, when Americans were asked, "Which types of breakfast pastries do you eat most often?" the answer was resoundingly the cinnamon roll. In 2020, alone, 67.46 million of your fellow citizens opted to devour one (per Statista). In 2016, the U.S. was the third-largest cinnamon consumer in the world, using roughly 26,000 tons, beaten only by Indonesia and China (via FoodDive) and Statista reports that 6.08 million U.S. citizens ate at least 10 helpings of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal in 2020. 

While Cinnabon remains the go-to place for all things cinnamon, the chain has now introduced a whole new flavor profile to their menu that's bound to get fans excited. 

Cinnabon has entered the realm of chocolate

If Homer Simpson's daydream about being in the Land of Chocolate — a magical place where chocolate falls from the sky like snowflakes and lamp posts are completely edible — made you drool a little, you will be happy to know that the flavor is chocolate. Mm. Chocolate. Yes, Cinnabon has decided to offer a menu item that caters to those who possess a well-developed appreciation for this nectar of the cocoa bean. 

According to a recent press release, this purveyor of cinnamony goodness is now cooking up Chocolate BonBites and, yes, it is the first time that American Cinnabon's "bite-sized cinnamon rolls will not feature its famous cinnamon flavoring." These historic offerings will use the same yummy dough with layers of satisfying chocolate, topped off with a drizzle of chocolate frosting followed by the company's famous cream cheese icing. ChewBoom reports that chocolate lovers can get their BonBites at "mall bakeries, Maverick and Pilot Flying J Travel Center locations, as well as on the new Cinnabon mobile app or via food delivery platforms." You can pick up a pack of 4 or 16 of these chocolatey nibbles with "prices starting at $4.79." But they are only available until September 11, 2022, so don't hesitate. 

While Homer's Land of Chocolate only exists within our imaginations, Cinnabon's new Chocolate BonBites are a tangible reality that can satisfy the craving that all this chocolate talk has generated.