A Papa John's Karen Took Events To The Max For A Refund

By now, you've more than likely heard the name Karen as a descriptor of someone, usually a woman, who is essentially throwing an unwarranted tantrum in public. These people often express themselves with insults, slurs, and other inappropriate language, sometimes at the expense of someone undeserving. In some cases, these instances turn violent and result in police officer presence.

For instance, in 2019, a woman named Porsha Tyler caused a disturbance in a Michigan Burger King because her burger had tomatoes on it, per Fox News. Instead of accepting a replacement, Tyler tossed several items in an employee's direction including a cookie display, food, and a wet floor sign. The lady was arrested following the incident. More recently, a woman prompted an investigation after throwing objects and spitting on McDonald's employees (per 9News). Under an updated law, it's possible the individual could spend up to seven years in jail.

Even with arrests for this behavior on the rise, the problem is seemingly not letting up. Back in October 2022, a Papa John's employee revealed to TikTok what they had to go through upon facing a Karen.

She threw something at the employees

In an age where cameras are always present, it's shocking that people have the nerve to be rude. On October 9, an incident involving Papa John's workers and an angry Karen was uploaded on TikTok for the world to see. The video, posted by one of the pizzeria's employees @loserr.swagmonster, has accumulated 262 thousand likes and 4,945 comments. With the caption "[I] don't get paid enough for this," the footage shows a woman demanding a refund after she claimed something was wrong with her order. The problem? She didn't have the pizza in question on hand.

As the camera pans to another customer who had just arrived, the woman threw something at an employee and was asked by the OP to "get the f**k out of [their] store." The situation escalated from there as the Karen let out a guttural yell, saying "Don't talk to me like that, b****h." The employee once again asked her to leave the store, condemning her for throwing something at their employee. When the woman left, she swung the door open in anger and began to scream "f**k you, motherf*****s." The employee made sure to get her tag number before she pulled off.

Violent customer reactions against food service workers are becoming the new norm. In 2021, Fight for 15 conducted a survey of 643 fast food locations in California. The results uncovered more than 77,000 violent or threatening incidents over a four-year period.