Gordon Ramsay Says His 6th Restaurant Opening Needs To Be 'So Right'

Gordon Ramsay's already famously high expectations are being leveled up once again with the impending soft opening of his newest Las Vegas eatery, Ramsay's Kitchen. In a recent interview with Eater Las Vegas, the celebrity chef stated, "We got to get it so right," saying there's a lot of pressure when debuting a restaurant in a star-studded city. His standards are sky-high, so much so that even something as small as a wobbly table would feel equivalent to Ramsay as "having his own nightmare."

Not many people are likely that surprised by this news, as Ramsay is famous for his intense and perfectionist persona. This is a guy who makes his living off of shows with scary titles like "Hell's Kitchen" and "Kitchen Nightmares." Genteel host of the whimsical "Great British Baking Show" he is not. In fact, Ramsay has had more than a few foul-mouthed rants over the years, often inflicted on incompetent junior chefs. One of them even tried to slap him!

Clearly, it's safe to say that Ramsay's latest restaurant opening will be anything but vanilla. Here's everything we know about the newest hotspot and how to book a table.

The scoop on Ramsay's Kitchen

With a soft launch scheduled for Ramsay's Kitchen on November 10, including a limited number of reservations, it's a safe bet that these first couple of weeks will be devoted to working out any and all kinks. (Hopefully, with minimal tantrums.)

Located at Harrah's Las Vegas, this location of Ramsay's Kitchen joins a sister eatery in Boston that serves lamb lollipops, braised pork shank, and lump crab cakes. It's also new to the lineup of a number of other Gordon Ramsay restaurants, like his eateries focused on burgers, fish and chips, steak, and fine dining options. In Las Vegas alone, Ramsay has already opened five eateries, including the Hell's Kitchen location at Caesars Palace. As for his newest location at Harrah's, there's a lot of dining money to be made, thanks to the spot's proximity to major conference centers. Perhaps as a result, it features some affordable meal options, mixed in with others at a higher price point, such as the onsite raw seafood bar. 

Though Ramsay seems slightly stressed about the opening, he shouldn't be too worried as long as customers like Ramsay's Kitchen as much as they like his other eateries, which have a majority of positive reviews online. Hell's Kitchen is well rated, especially, on Yelp for the beef Wellington, lobster risotto, and sticky toffee dessert.