The YouTube Food Personality With A Vendetta Against Jamie Oliver

Having the knowledge and skills to prepare truly authentic meals is apparently rarer than a lot of people realize — even professionals. Every so often, it's generally acceptable to add one's own unique twist to a recipe. For instance, you might experiment with a few different non-cheddar cheeses when whipping up a toasty grilled cheese sandwich. Perhaps you like to swap lettuce for spinach in a BLT, or maybe you prefer to feast on a rotisserie chicken in lieu of turkey on Thanksgiving. All of these substitutes are, for the most part, fine and dandy, but when it comes to certain recipes, veering too far away from tradition is often frowned upon by many.

With the exponential rise of social media and food blogging, countless recipes and tips are uploaded every day by both home chefs and pros. As some of the most famous names in the culinary industry share recipes with their audiences, some folks waste no time in nitpicking the techniques and ingredients, especially when so-called "classic" dishes go astray. One YouTuber is provoking laughter around the globe with his savage analyses.

YouTuber Uncle Roger hilariously criticizes celebrity chefs

Nigel Ng, who is perhaps best known for portraying the character "Uncle Roger" on YouTube, currently boasts more than 6.5 million followers on his channel. Ng, a Malaysian comedian and content creator living in the UK, creates short videos stitched with numerous cooks' recipe tutorials, according to LADbible. In a similar fashion to rising TikTok star Chef Reactions, Uncle Roger's criticism is nothing short of impudent and humorous. It's also safe to say that no cook, regardless of their expertise or tenure, is safe from his ruthless commentary.

Uncle Roger's videos, which address his "nieces and nephews," call out numerous chefs and TV hosts, including Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, and Rachael Ray, on their attempts at cooking international cuisine. However, Uncle Roger has an entire playlist dedicated to Jamie Oliver's inauthentic Asian dishes. In one video, Oliver adds a dab of jam atop egg-fried rice, much to Uncle Roger's disgust. "Oh no, no, no, no, no. Putting jam in rice? This is disgusting!" he says while sobbing exaggeratedly. Additionally, Chef Oliver uses a saucepan, not a wok, to cook the rice. When Chef Oliver (now lovingly known as "Mr. Chilli Jam" after his previous gaffe) attempts to make Thai green curry, he is mocked for not using enough green chiles, discarding the flavorful seeds, and questionably incorporating mushrooms into the mix — all things Uncle Roger and his ancestors highly advise against.