Trader Joe's New Olive Salad Is Too Oily For Instagram

There is no food as small but mighty as the humble olive. Whether you are munching on a green olive or a black olive, a pitted olive, or one that is pimento-stuffed, you can always count on this briny food to pack a punch. That said, there are over 13 types of olives, each one with a different use. For instance, castelvetrano olives taste best when paired with cheese or wine, as noted by Bon App├ętit, while Gaeta olives complement seafood dishes and sauces (via Madama Oliva).

When you aren't eating olives right out of the jar, this versatile food comes in handy when you are building the perfect charcuterie board, adding some extra toppings to a homemade pizza, or garnishing a martini. If you are a fan of this button-sized appetizer, Trader Joe's has a host of pre-made olive-based snacks, from its fried olive bites, which are a must-buy for under $5, to its olive tapenade. This discount grocery store chain also recently debuted a new olive product, and Instagram had its fair share of critiques for this food item.

Trader Joe's shoppers think its olive products can be hit or miss

In a recent Instagram post, user @traderjoeslist took to the platform to share the debut of the new cracked olive salad. "I want to make a delicious sandwich and add this to the mix! The look of it reminds of Giardiniera, which I love," @traderjoeslist wrote in the caption. The salad comprises mixed pickled vegetables, green and black olives, and capers in seasoned oil.

Many customers took to the comments section to critique the product, with most complaints revolving around the featured oils. One user wrote, "Didn't love this. Too much non-tasty oil," while another commented, "I love Trader Joe's and I love olive salad but sure wish it was made with pure olive oil as opposed to other, refined oils listed." One user went so far as to say, "I have stopped buying most of their products because of the oils." Yikes! While premier oil may not have been used in this olive salad, there are still some top-notch Trader Joe's olive oils you can buy.

If you are hunting for a well-received olive product at TJ's, this Trader Joe's item will majorly upgrade your charcuterie boards. User @traderjoeslist posted about the chain's Garlic & Jalapeno Stuffed Olives on their Instagram, and followers expressed their mutual approval in the comments section, with one user claiming they had practically finished a whole jar in two days. Sounds promising!