TikTok Is Deeply Puzzled Over This Mushroom Ad Jingle

The long-suffering mushroom has low expectations from life. As the joke says, the mushroom's existence revolves around being "kept in the dark and fed a steady diet of bullpoop." Even once it has been plucked from its mucky surroundings, it remains perpetually relegated to a mere supporting role in the culinary world. Yes, the mushroom rarely receives any glory — but, perhaps, it should. 

After all, Statista shares that the average American noshed on 2.6 pounds of this edible fungi in 2021. When you consider how light a mushroom actually is, that's quite a lot of them. They are an extremely healthy choice, boasting a sizeable dose of vitamins B and D, potassium, anti-inflammatory antioxidants, and cancer-fighting phytochemicals (per South Mill Champs). There is even a variety that, when cooked, tastes just like chicken. Seriously. Back Garden reveals that Chicken of the Woods, officially named Laetiporus sulphureus, is said to make a great poultry replacement for vegans and vegetarians.

Surely, the ingredient that brings us mushroom risotto recipes, stuffed mushroom caps, and portobello burgers deserve some sort of accolade. A jingle, perhaps?  One such advertising song finally has people discussing the mushroom, but it's not exactly the hype that America's favorite fungus was hoping for. If anything, it has just left many confused. 

TikTok users are quick to point out that a mushroom isn't a veggie

When a TikTok user posted a video from an advertisement that celebrated the versatility of the mushroom, a rather bewildered collection of responses poured in. While the ad shows the mushroom gracing salads, frying in butter, and sizzling with steak on the grill, it also raises many questions. One commenter asks who paid for the advertisement, wondering if it was "the ground." Another wonders why the mushroom rated a commercial as opposed to the carrot. Several point out that the mushroom is not a vegetable despite the ad's assertion saying otherwise. These critics are correct as GroCycle explains that mushrooms are not plants and, therefore, are not vegetables or fruits — they are fungi. Another questions the use of the words "low in calories" while showing a mushroom smeared in butter.  

The song, itself, has garnered some positive responses. One calls it their "new bop," one hopes it goes viral, while another wishes commercials still had jingles like this one. A commenter even said it sounded like the intro to "Family Guy." When asked where they found this hidden gem, OzKitch replied, "In a darkened room covered in manure." Clearly, everyone loves a good mushroom joke. 

Now that this earworm has been firmly planted in your auditory cortex, you may want to explore some of the best ways to cook with mushrooms. After all, the humble mushroom is supposed to be one heck of a "fun-guy."