What JoJo Siwa Eats In A Day To Keep Up Her Super High Energy

There's no one quite like JoJo Siwa. Having made her reality TV debut at a young age on "Dance Moms," the now 19-year-old international star has made her name and face known around the globe through a plethora of ventures. From securing a deal with Nickelodeon, an accessory line at Claire's, professionally recording three albums, going on tour at 16 years old, and making appearances on Dancing With The Stars, The Masked Singer, So You Think You Can Dance, and more, JoJo Siwa is one of the most poised, energetic, and globally-known teen icons in the world (via Seventeen).

With all of her professional endeavors, Siwa is no stranger to food either. Last year, she launched her own "Sweet Celebrations" sugar cookie-flavored ice cream, which landed on shelves in Walmarts across the country for a mere $3.50 each, per Instagram. Her own YouTube channel – which boasts over 12 million subscribers – shows various day-in-the-life videos of the pop star, including cooking videos, food challenges, and more. With all of what Siwa does and accomplishes in a day, the girl has to eat. So what exactly does Siwa eat in a day to keep her out and about?

A well-rounded diet

For someone as famous and busy as JoJo Siwa, keeping up a healthy eating routine could be kind of hard. But not for Siwa, who recently revealed what her day-to-day eating habits looks like. The 19-year-old pop star told Eater that she eats a pretty well-rounded diet of all the classics. "Normally before I perform every day, when I'm on tour, I eat a lot of grilled chicken and vegetables. Any vegetable, really, and sometimes maybe a healthy pasta in there. I try to keep it super healthy — that way I feel fueled," Siwa said.

Between meals, Siwa incorporates fruits and a variety of cheeses. "I love having fruit around me at all times. I always have bananas, blueberries, apples, and grapes. I also really like charcuterie boards, so I love to have a bunch of different meats and cheeses and crackers," she revealed. She also stated that she eats cranberry sauce year-round, putting it on just about anything and everything, including sandwiches, paninis, and with a lot of leftovers.

It seems like Siwa has changed her eating habits, since just four years a YouTube video shows her combining her "four favorite ingredients" — Tostino's frozen Party Pizza, macaroni and cheese, an Uncrustable, and ramen noodles — to make "ramen jelly cheese pizza." She's appears to have outgrown the hype about these foods, swapping in more body-fueling options to keep her energized and healthy throughout her daily grind.