This Cheap Gadget Makes French-Pressed Coffee On-The-Go

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There are dozens of ways to prepare coffee. Some connoisseurs keep it classic with a drip coffee machine, others like the refined pour-over method, and some folks prefer a Keurig for a hands-off brewing experience. Cultures from across the globe also have distinct methods for preparing coffee. In Ethiopia, where coffee is considered a godly drink, the preparation of coffee is a ceremonial ritual. Scandinavians use an egg to achieve unparalleled smoothness in their coffee. In Brazil, coffee, referred to as cafezinho, is served in small, highly-concentrated portions (per Foodbeast).

Among the many ways to make coffee, few of them offer the luxury of portability. For many people who start their day early, getting out the door on time is the main priority. But then again, so is coffee. Finding the time to get dressed, pack a bag, eat breakfast, and drink coffee while making it to work on time is a working person's everyday struggle.

However, one company is meeting busy people where they're at with their innovative, on-the-go coffee straw that doubles as a French press filter with half the work. Simply combine coffee grounds with hot water and use the JoGo straw as a portable coffee filter for a hassle-free brewing experience designed for camping, hiking, or getting out the door in time (per JoGo).

The JoGo Straw is eco-friendly and highly praised

At only $24.95, the GoJo Straw is an affordable alternative to an expensive French press or coffee machine that can go for well over $50 depending on the quality. Not only will it save you money, but the JoGo Straw is designed with sustainability in mind. According to their website, each year, billions of single-use coffee pods are thrown away, 500 million plastic straws are wasted, and 1.5 million trees are destroyed to satisfy consumer demand for paper coffee filters. This portable coffee filter helps eliminate single-use waste produced from paper filters, coffee pods, and plastic straws. The JoGo Straw also works great for loose-leaf tea, muddled cocktails, and fresh-pressed juice.

With all that it has to offer, it's no surprise that the innovate gadget has glowing reviews — the portable filter has an impressive 4.6 out 5 stars on Amazon. The written reviews are overwhelmingly positive with some customers saying that it's changed their lives. One happy customer said that while they still use their French press regularly, the JoGo Straw is easier to clean and far more portable.

Whether you're an outdoorsman, busy businessperson, coffee fanatic, mixologist, or tea aficionado, the JoGo straw might just be the kitchen tool you never knew you needed.