Mountain Dew's New Fruit Quake Flavor Is Causing A Rift Among Fans

Mountain Dew's new fruit quake flavor — which is supposed to taste like fruitcake — is causing quite a controversy. This most recent iteration of the famous drink has been released as the newest holiday flavor for 2022, following the flavors Holiday Brew, Merry Mash-Up, Gingerbread Snap'd, and preceding Cobra Cane, which will be the 2023 holiday flavor. The red-colored beverage was first spotted on shelves in October and will be sold through the end of December 2022 , explains Fandom.

Mountain Dew is aware of the vast divide between fruitcake lovers and those who would rather reach for just about any other dessert but tells Food & Wine it hopes to get fans to reexamine their feelings about fruitcake. "Fruitcake has long been known as the holiday dessert no one actually wants to touch, let alone eat. Mtn Dew is changing that. We're making everyone's holiday dreams come true by swapping the dated dessert with a tastier treat," Mountain Dew said.

New fruit quake flavor is shaking up the Mountain Dew world

But just like baked fruitcake, it seems as if everyone is divided about Mountain Dew fruit quake. One Facebook user in a Mountain Dew fan group on the platform, Austin Kovacs, enjoys the newly released soda. "I got the fruit quake and I just opened one, ice cold. It's insanely good. To me it taste[s] like fruit punch or ginger ale with cranberry ... If you don't like it well that's probably because you don't like fruit punch or ginger ale in general. I'm going to stock up on this one," Kovacs wrote.

Over on a Reddit forum, u/Chugging_Estus agreed. "I love it ... it's quickly becoming one of my all time favorites. The spice is subtle enough to not overpower the candied fruit/cherry-ish flavor," they commented.

However, u/reneecliche expressed a different view. "Oh my god I took one sip and gagged! It's revolting! It went straight down the drain ... and I had to have a different drink to take that taste away! And the smell, UGH. Man I love Mountain Dew generally but I feel like this was a huge miss," they wrote. But the controversy isn't without a little humor, as Reddit u/TheScidaddler wrote on the thread, "Put it in the oven for an accurate fruitcake taste."