The Pecan Pizza Pie Could Revolutionize A Staple Holiday Dessert

Who doesn't love pecan pie? Especially this time of year, it's hard to say no to the crisp crust and caramel-ey filling of the pecan-lined dessert. You're probably not thinking that the one ingredient swap you should make with pecan pie is swapping that crumbly crust out for pizza dough, or that delicious buttery filling for... pizza sauce? But that's the claim one pizza shop is making this Thanksgiving.

Tony Baloney's, in conjunction with the American Pecan Promotional Board, is on a mission to bring pecans from dessert to dinner. Tony Baloney's is a New Jersey small chain that gained national attention in the past for its wacky pizzas (per Delish). While they make the more traditional varieties as well, Tony Baloney's offers pizza with toppings like paneer and tikka masala, brisket and beet horseradish sauce, and chicken and waffles. But their true calling card, the pizza that gained them national attention, is the "Taco Taco Taco." Looking like a tray of tacos with a well of guac in the middle, this pizza lives up to its name with three overflowing tacos on every slice. And at an $80 price tag, it should.

With their inventive offerings, Tony Baloney's was the perfect partner to pull off the American Pecan Promotional Board's ambitious idea — pecan pie pizza.

Pecan pie pizza

Before you go thinking you can skip a step, this treat won't make a substitute dessert, so you'll still have to pull out that easy pecan pie recipe. However, Tony Baloney's and the American Pecan Promotional Board said they envision this as a night before Thanksgiving meal. Whichever way you want to try it, this bake-at-home pizza makes for a fuss-free meatless main course with tons of flavor. Precisely how those flavors will go together, we're less sure of.

This plant-based pizza gets its protein from fennel-dusted pepperoni-flavored pecans. But that comes last. The pizza starts with a sweet and savory buttermilk pizza crust, spread with a home-made bourbon-infused tomato sauce topped with rich mozzarella cheese, then we get those flavored pecans, all finished off with a drizzle of spicy balsamic Pecan Pie glaze.

The pizza pie will be available starting November 14 exclusively from Though the pie will only be available until Thanksgiving, it will be restocked daily, so don't fret if it's sold out.