Michael Oher's Feather-Flooded Wedding Cake Was Nearly 5-Feet Tall

To many, Michael Oher is larger than life, both literally and metaphorically. The 6-foot-4 tall former pro football player not only cuts an intimidating figure, but he was also featured in the Oscar-winning film inspired by his life, "The Blind Side." Ever since the film was released, people have clamored for more information about the gentle giant. This, despite the fact that Oher was not a huge fan of the flick, per CBR, saying that it had a negative impact on his football career, and definitely took some creative liberties with the storyline (for example, the film implied that Oher had zero football knowledge, when in real life he was well-versed in the sport.)

Despite any frustrations with the film, however, there's little doubt that Oher's story has done quite a lot of good in the world. He has parlayed that fame and knowledge of his difficult childhood into a way to help others by handing out food to those in need and offering them encouraging words, according to a news report by WSMV 4 Nashville. Oher was once so desperate for food as a child that he had to steal it in order to survive, the Baltimore Sun reported. Fortunately, these days things are looking up for Oher, thanks to a lot of hard work and support from family and friends. He recently capped it all off with a wedding to his longtime girlfriend, with a cake to suit the occasion.

The dish on Michael Oher's enormous wedding cake

When Tiffany Roy was in the process of planning her nuptials with longtime partner Michael Oher, she knew that she wanted the cake to reflect her betrothed. "Since Mike is such a tall groom, it had to match him," she said in an interview with People.

To accomplish that daunting task, her chosen cake-makers put together a seven-tier work of art, then decked it out with around 200 feathers. Don't worry about avian flu exposure though, as the feathers were actually made of rice paper sails. Of the seven tiers, however, only three were actual cake. The rest were for effect, which is not uncommon at all. Anyway, the whole thing put together was five feet tall, but when placed atop a table it fully towered over Oher at 7.5 feet. The feathers were intended to tie in with other aspects of the event theme, which also included Swan Lake-esque ballet dancers. Congratulations to the happy couple!