Costco's Giant Pecan Pie Is Back For The Season

Just about two weeks before Thanksgiving, Costco is aiming to be your number one choice for the big family feast. No matter how juicy the turkey is and how many delicious sides are served, the meal wouldn't be complete without some sort of pie to accent it. So, why is pie the official dessert of the holiday rather than cookies or cakes? According to Martha Stewart, Thanksgiving was evolving into a food-centric celebration around the same time the British were immigrating to America. Because pie is a British staple, it didn't take long to integrate it into American culture.

There are a handful of pie flavors enjoyed on Thanksgiving, but one type, predictably, leads the pack. Per Instacart, searches for pumpkin pie skyrocket 316% as Thanksgiving approaches. The second most popular turkey day pie is apple, followed by pecan at number three. To round out the top five, the number four spot goes to cream pie with cherry pie stealing fifth place. If you're a part of the group that craves pecan pie, you might want to take a trip to Costco as soon as possible (per Instagram).

The pie weighs 4 pounds

Instagram user @costcohotfinds shared the return of gigantic holiday pies, including the beloved pecan pie. In a video, the poster revealed the pie weighed more than four pounds and cost around $17. To prepare it, they decorated it with ice cream and cinnamon and warmed it up in the microwave. "This one is huge — I feel like it could feed 10," the caption read. Regardless, one commenter joked they could eat it all. "SINGLE SERVING! It comes as one piece= one serving," they wrote. And another user actually did eat it all. "I get it every year but I wind up eating it by myself," their comment read.

For those with a hankering for the number one Thanksgiving pie, Costco has you covered as well. In fall of 2019, Instagram user @costcobuys shared a photo of the four-pound pumpkin pie, which surprisingly only cost $5.99 at the time. Even though it's back this year, there's a chance it will reflect a price point closer to that of the pecan variety.